MTGO Cube Tutorial

This page is a guide for anyone drafting my cube online. If you’ve drafted before and have suggestions for changes to this document, let me know!

Before the draft:

  • Important: Send me your username on I need that to allow you to join the draft.
  • Aim to be ready to join a few minutes before the scheduled time.
  • Choose “Draft Simulator” and then look for a draft using “DarkSteeleCube + Bonus Cards” started by wmap.
  • Important: Clicking on the name of the draft doesn’t cause you join it! You need to choose join. Once you’re in the draft, you should see a seat number by your username.

During the draft:

  • I set picks to 5 minutes to ensure that the time limit isn’t an issue. It really won’t take that long.
  • If you get disconnected, or something weird happens, it seems to be ok to leave the page and then come back, even though you get a scary popup warning you against that.

After the draft:

  • When the draft is over, you’ll see a screen with a pick summary. Don’t peek, cheatyface.
  • Refresh that page, and you’ll get an option to “Export seat MTGO”. That’s the one you want! Choose your seat, and click the button, and you’ll get your card pool in MTGO text format.
  • Important: In Magic Online, do “/join cube”. That’s the room where I will post pairings and you will report your results.
  • Before you trade with me (DarkSteeleCube) make sure you’ve tried loading your card pool in Deck Editor first. You’ll need to choose Local Text Deck as the type for it to appear. If that doesn’t work, take a look at the file and make sure there aren’t extra lines or characters. If you can’t figure it out, let me know and I’ll help you out.
  • Once you know your deck loads, trade with me to get your cards. Unless you already have most of the cards, it’s probably easiest if you just get your whole card pool. In the trade, choose “Load Wish List” and then your card pool. That should get you most of it.
  • Important: Foil cards don’t interact well with wishlists, so if I have a foil version of a card, you’ll need to get it manually. The easiest way to do this is usually to complete a trade with all the normal cards, then look in deck editor to see what you are missing, and trade with me again.
  • Once I post the pairings, go ahead and contact your opponent and if you’re both ready, one of you can issue a challenge.
  • Important: Play the games as Freeform Constructed in the Anything Goes room (it’s less crowded than Casual Decks). Put “MTGO cube” or similar in the description, to make it easier for spectators to find your games. Similarly, any kind of coverage/attention-mongering you want to do is great- for example, post highlights of the games and a screenshot of your deck on twitter.
  • Please do 30 min time limits unless you are recording and you’re really famous.
  • After your match, give me the result in the cube room.
  • We’ll play three rounds. After the last round, make your cards tradeable and then trade with me again. That’s it!

19 responses to “MTGO Cube Tutorial

  1. My name on TappedOut is the same as my name on Twitter. (norbert88)

  2. Jason Barnett

    Juzamjedi on Twitter, MTGO, Tappedout, and a bunch of other places.

  3. Marshall is MConstant on tappedout

  4. Twitter Name: JoshuaGD
    MTGO Name: JoshuaGD
    TappedOut Name: JoshuaGD
    Real Life Name: Joshua… Not GD. 😉

  5. Howdy
    @jakeantonetz Twitter
    jakeantonetz Tapped out
    Agur MTGO

  6. jarvisyu on tappedout

  7. @dantack
    Danrax on Tappedout

  8. Twitter: RickStumbo
    TappedOut and MTGO: madok

  9. I’m pretty certain I am the following:
    TappedOut: Kengy
    Twitter: Kengy5
    MODO: Kengy

  10. semisober on tappedout

  11. Tapped Out Pringlesman
    Twitter: JJArnone
    Modo CubeDraftin

  12. MODO/TappedOut: Kaxon
    Twitter: davidscotton

  13. zturchan on tappedout

  14. @torerotutor same on tappedout chaders on mtgo

  15. D.J. Anderson

    twitter: phibetakefka
    tappedout: Phi_Beta_Kefka
    modo: crooked_rain

  16. hamiltonianurst

    hamiltonianurst on tapped out and twitter. hamiltonianurs7 on modo

  17. Thephoenix5
    On Twitter, On tappedout, on MTGO.

  18. twitter: theCubeMiser
    tappedout: bwian
    mtgo: bwian

  19. Twitter/tappedout/mtgo: antilles1000

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