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Pauper Daily Events 2/7-2/13

Reid Duke’s Extended Metagame article on StarCityGames last week made me want to do the same thing for fringier online formats. I’m starting with Pauper, and if there’s some combination of interest on your side and time on mine, I’ll do something similar for Block or Legacy.

I’ve completely followed Reid’s methods, except that I didn’t like the term Popularity for what is really the fraction of a given deck among other winning decks, not in the field as a whole. In the future, I’ll probably go look at some events as they happen to see what the breakdown of the field is.

Here’s the stats:


One interesting thing is that while Goblins is technically the most winning deck, it’s not racking up a lot of 4-0s. I’m not sure what the reason is- maybe people are more likely to pick it up and play it, since it’s a well-known beatdown deck. Or maybe it’s such a big part of the meta that you’re guaranteed to run into some dedicated hate decks. If you’ve got an explanation, I’d love to hear it in the comments.

If I can copy Kibler (premium) for a second, I think it’s fair to say that Goblins is the Level One of this format.

Familiar Storm

This deck has the opposite record- it actually has more 4-0s than 3-1s. This column has some text about the deck.

Mono Black Control

Not much to add here except that some lists run Befoul, and some don’t. Very open to suggestions as to which archetypes deserve subdivision.



UR Cloudpost

Gerry T said that the UR version had fallen out of favor, but
I’m still seeing lots of it. This is another one that could be subdivided, I think- there are also versions with Teachings.

Mono Green Aggro

Wow is Rancor unfair at common. Geeeez.

Mono Blue Control

Mono Green Ramp

Another one that Gerry T wrote about, and here’s an article about the deck from PureMTGO.


White Weenie


UWR Blink

This deck (and the ones following) had just one appearance. I thought I might as well include the lists, though, for those who are either curious or want to check out something rogue-y.

RUG Blender

Jacob Van Lunen wrote about a very similar list in his Building on a Budget column. I’ve played this list a little, and liked it, but it seems extremely vulnerable to LD.


I don’t know if this is good, but I do love Blighting.