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My contribution to Magic: the Googling

This beautiful thing appeared today courtesy of Amanda Casperson. Justin and I thought of a few cards that could use some extra eyeballs (cubely eyes?).

(Some are a bit blurry, but googly leeches wait for no man!)


Momir Basic with Justin

Justin recorded a few games of Momir Basic last night while waiting for the finals of Worlds to start.

If you listen carefully, you can hear ice cubes clinking in a glass of whiskey.

Momir Basic on MTGO

So I have Camtasia but I haven’t been playing any standard on MTGO lately, so I thought I would make a Momir Basic video instead. Justin was kind enough to sit down with me and comment on the game.

If you don’t know about the format, the idea is that you have a 60 card deck of all basic lands, and a Momir Vig avatar. On your turn, you can pay X and discard a card to make a token of a random creature with CMC X. It’s really fun, and for someone like me, a fun magic history lesson along the way.

I’ll warn you that this game is pretty uninteresting, but I thought I’d post the video anyway since I was done with it. I’m hoping to make some more (hopefully with more interesting game states!) shortly.

First StarCityGames article… and other writing

I thought that along with linking to my first article, I’d compile links to the other magic writing I’ve done- everything that isn’t on this blog.

Why Cube? – My introductory article on

Planeswalkers and Power Creep on the Tables of Type 2 – A post about planeswalkers in standard on MTG Metagame. I’m happy to say that standard has gotten quite a bit more diverse since I wrote this.

SCG 5K Philadelphia – A tournament report. I’m going to miss Jund.

Cube for Two – A post about cube drafting with two people, on

Grab-and-Go Event Decks

Yesterday, WOTC announced a new product- Grab-and-Go Event Decks. They said:

Event Decks are designed to be strong, capable Standard-legal decks…
Each Event Deck is 60 cards, plus a 15-card sideboard—ready for all of your dueling needs! Also included: a Spindown life counter and strategy guide to help pilot your deck to victory.

So- what is this going to mean? I’ve seen speculation that these will be a bare step above the usual intro packs, with playsets rather than 1 copy each of slightly more playable commons and uncommons, and a few reasonable rares. That might be true, but I have to think that Wizards has something more in mind. When you look at the Wizard’s FNM page, you see this:

Looking for ideas of what to play at Standard Friday Night Magic? Check out these links for card and deck lists:

* Nationals Qualifiers Top 8 Decks
* Pro Tour–Amsterdam Qualifying Season Top 8 Decks
* Magic Online Events

I don’t think it makes sense for Wizards to encourage players to play decks from high-level events at FNM, but sell decks that are nowhere near to that quality.

On the other hand, it’s hard to imagine what the price point would be on Super Friends or Mythic out of a box. Based on the recent Duel Decks and From the Vault: Relics, it seems to me that Wizards is willing to undercut secondary market prices by 50-75%. If the Event Decks are priced at $20-35 (similar to other special products), then, the contents could be worth between $40 and $140. A pretty big range, sure, but if that’s the case we could see not just RDW, but something like a Sun Titan/Baby Jace UW deck like the ones that did well at French Nationals. That’s not bad.

My big question is about the source and turn around time for these decks. Are they coming from FFL? That’s probably the most reasonable in terms of making these decks current, but… they might not be good, and the sideboard could be aimed at a completely fictional metagame. If they are based on winning lists from big events, the value of the cards might not be what Wizards wants to print in a sealed product, and turn-around time probably becomes an issue. But I think that’s by far the more appealing option, if there’s a way to make it work.

I wish we’d been given more details- maybe an example decklist of a current deck that they could have sold as an Event Deck, or some information about the source of these decklists. Nonetheless, I’m pretty excited about this. I think it’s a chance for Wizards to effect a change in the price of standard, if they choose to, and I’d certainly be interested to see FFL decks if that turns out to be the source.


You know how sometimes you have a piece of information in your brain, and you just can’t keep it to yourself? Well, bear that in mind as you read the following.

Suppose that you are getting dressed and putting on jeans, but the zipper won’t work. You can’t zip them up. At this time, it’s appropriate to exclaim, “Somone pithed my pants!”

Alright, I feel better now. That just popped into my head the other day, and I just had to say it before I forgot it. Now it’s your turn- do have cube or magic related jokes, preferably ones so dumb that you can’t even begin to explain them to people who don’t play?

Ah, I’ll keep going. Some are highly situational- for example, one of my earliest experiences with Vedalken Shackles was in the cube, while my opponent had Greater Gargadon. Obviously that plays out like target-with-shackles -> sac-to-gargadon, which got transmuted to gargadon-has-snackles.
Others aren’t verbal- like immediately going to draw when an opponent plays targeted card draw without explicitly targeting themselves. “The Cedric”.

But now I’ve bared the nerdy depths of my soul- what’ve you got?