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My contribution to Magic: the Googling

This beautiful thing appeared today courtesy of Amanda Casperson. Justin and I thought of a few cards that could use some extra eyeballs (cubely eyes?).

(Some are a bit blurry, but googly leeches wait for no man!)


Tezzeret and Masticore!

Everyone’s excited for Scars of Mirrodin, even robots.

Garruk and Companion :)

Adventure time! Thanks to Justin of Other Side of the Planet.

Awesome Cube Proxies

Got these today from my buddy Max, included with his RSVP. I’m super excited! I love the Time Walk one – “Guys, I’m gonna need a turn here to figure out what’s going on with my boat”.

Turn Four- Time to Draw Some Cards

Justin did this painting of Serra Avenger cosplaying everyone’s favorite elf elitists. I know…. who would have thought it.