Masked Admirers is a blog about Magic: the Gathering, most written by Thea Steele. What’s here: my thoughts and experiences with playing magic. I’m interested in competitive standard and probably the new extended, as well as the cube. I’m also interested in the magic-playing culture in general, and specifically what it’s like to be a woman playing magic.

We’ll also have regular guest art from Justin Treadway, who did the sweet banner art. You can see his work here.


3 responses to “About

  1. Awesome site with lots of interesting and valuable information to be shared. Surprised me on beauty meets magic the magic the gathering combo~ keep up the good work!

  2. Hey,
    I’m a fellow blogger who likes reading yours from time to time, but I realized that i miss most of your blogs, as I consume blogs normally through RSS feeds… so I just wanted to add you to my feeds but you seem not to have included that feature on your blog.

    I can only advice you to do that, to reach a broader audience. As I’m not a regular as I always forget about revisiting you.

    So cu around and maybe you want to check out my blog as well, the link is above. So keep it casual as I always say.
    Yours Dominik S.

  3. Hey Thea,
    My buddy Zak Turchansky who plays with PP9 has been talking about some MTGO cube drafts that he has participated in courtesy of your generous and substantial cube devotion. I would love to get in on a cube draft if you are ever looking for another body. I realize I am a complete stranger, so please consider my strong argument for including me: “Come on…. come on!”
    Also, Zak can vouch for me.
    Looking forward to shuffling up with you, thanks for the consideration!

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