Thanksgiving Day Team Cube Draft Results

Once the draft starts, players at an even seat number will be Team Indians, and players at an odd number will be Team Pilgrims.


Team Indians:

Team Pilgrims:

Each player will play everyone on the opposing team over the course of four rounds.

Teams and results will be posted here as the event begins!

Round One
glocks4interns vs norbert88 (1-2)
GriffenValentine vs vagariousdragon (0-2)
Hawzy vs danrax(1-2)
metaknightmare vs hobbesq (0-2)

After R1, Pilgrims and Indians are tied (2-2)!

Round Two
glocks4interns vs GriffenValentine (2-1)
metaknightmare vs vagariousdragon (2-1)
Hawzy vs norbert88 (1-2)
danrax vs hobbesq (2-0)

After R2, Indians lead 5-3!

Round Three
hobbesq vs GriffenValentine (2-0, hobbesq dropped for this round)
metaknightmare vs Hawzy (2-1)
vagariousdragon vs norbert88 (1-2)
danrax vs glocks4interns (2-1)

After R3, Indians lead 8-4!

Round Four
Hawzy vs GriffenValentine
metaknightmare vs glocks4interns (0-2)
vagariousdragon vs danrax
norbert88 vs hobbesq.

And here’s glocks4intern’s deck (@timpskowski)


One response to “Thanksgiving Day Team Cube Draft Results

  1. Are you all done blogging about Magic/Cube?
    We miss you!

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