A Trying-Things-Out Styled Update

Coralhelm Commander seems to be working out well for those who are trying him, and Echo Tracer has been teetering on the edge for a while.

Justin loves the crap out of Willbender and I’m a big fan too, but it literally hasn’t done anything in over a year. That’s just a poor record, so here we go. Actually, the last time I played it my opponent had ultimate Chandra Nalaar the next turn, so I played Willbender face down. My opponent read Chandra’s ability again and then killed Willbender before using the ability. Le sigh.

Mirri’s been perfectly fine, but Stronghold needed a spot.

With the addition of Go for the Throat I think we can stand to lose this, and Sinkhole probably should have been in already. For once, this isn’t about the Judge foil, either- I like the original art much better.

Really want to have combat tricks in the cube, but I just haven’t been excited about Vines. I still like Briarhorn a lot- flash is exciting, and having the effect strapped to a body means it’s never dead. I get that Vines can do a different thing, but it hasn’t worked out that way in practice. Maybe this will come back, but I’m fine with leaving it out for now.

I’m looking for a replacement for Miraculous Recovery. Any suggestions? I like the card, but I feel it’s become too slow these days.


5 responses to “A Trying-Things-Out Styled Update

  1. These changes look good though I’m not a big Timetwister fan. I still put it over the two blue cards being cut.

    RE: Recovery –
    I really like Martial Coup though I know not everyone agrees with that. I also think Conqueror’s Pledge is underrated and fine. Additionally Return to Dust seems like a suspect card in white.

  2. I agree black has more removal than it really needs but I’ve never found Sinkhole exciting in limited. I guess it’s great if you hit a Karoo or a Library, but most of the time LD in limited is not that exciting.

    I definitely like having Timetwister in the cube.

  3. great update. i don’t like losing vines, which gives green some much needed trickiness, but wild mongrel is more important. the rest of the swaps are clear winners. coralhelm is a phenomenal card but kind of an orphan. double blue means you need to be base blue aggressive or have a really killer mana base. i love the card to death, though, and so does my girlfriend. and i think he’s justifiable even in a cube that doesn’t strongly support tempo in blue because he’s still ahead of the curve at 1UU: you play him turn 3, and pay “echo” 3 next turn to attack for 4 in he air on turn 4. pretty decent, and if aether adept can make it, so can that guy in X/blue aggressive decks.

    if you’re trying out coralhelm i recommend standstill. it’s been really great here, i don’t think it requires a strong tempo section to be good. it’s splashable and only needs a better board presence turn 2 or later. even control decks can make use of it if they have early plays or removal, and midrange and aggro should have no trouble using it. it generally plays like 1U: draw 3 cards.

    “Justin loves the crap out of Willbender and I’m a big fan too, but it literally hasn’t done anything in over a year.”

    this mirrors my recent experiences with the guy. it hasn’t been that long, but it’s been a while.

  4. I agree with adding Martial Coup. Its often a game breaker in our multiplayer games.

  5. Benjamin Huber-Rodriguez

    For the Miraculous Recovery Replacement, try out Scepter of Dominance. It’s a force in our cube, whether it acts like a hard to kill Goldmeadow Harriar or holds down a land that produces a crucial color, it really kicks butt.

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