Valentine’s Day Update

Well, not really. If this was truly a Valentine’s Day update, it would be because Justin had finally decided to give me the best gift ever, namely letting me put Hand of Cruelty into our cube. I have a foil and everything! But no such luck.

We wanted to find a spot for the little Zombie and I still like Mirri a little more. I feel like we are hitting a critical mass of reanimation and don’t really need this anymore.

Transcendent Master has been surprisingly good, but it was always in on a trial basis and I’ve really wanted to get Lone Missionary in, as it feels like a really good card for B/W aggro which is one of my favorite decks. I’ve been really happy with Lone Missionary in my online cube, though I’m sure it will be outclassed eventually. White isn’t exactly overflowing with two-drops that cost 1W, though, which is something to keep in mind.

Oh- I should mention the excellent Cube Card A Day, which recently had a nice post about Transcendent Master (along with a less-than-glowing review of Missionary, but oh well).

These two are going in with no replacement – I’m still filling spots that were available after we cut back multicolor.

This is not a good card in Cube MoJhoSto. Otherwise, probably pretty solid. I expect it to be a little worse than in most cubes, however, since we do run some dedicated graveyard hate.

I just keep forgetting to put this in.


4 responses to “Valentine’s Day Update

  1. great update. missionary is an absolutely fantastic cube card.

  2. i will never understand the fascination with Lone Missionary. At best it trades in combat, doesn’t have evasion so it isn’t really going to deal that much damage and gaining 4 life is hardly relevant most of the time. In an aggressive deck i’d rather have a more aggressive card and in a controlling deck i’d rather have a wall that survives a combat with something.

    Agree with the other changes, especially Wargear, it’s been nothing but insane in mine. Unsure about Bonehoard but only because i haven’t played with it yet.

  3. missionary has synergy with the numerous life payment cards in the cube, is especially great in black/white aggro, wins the aggro mirror, plays like a fog/removal spell in control. it’s great in any kind of deck. i’ll never understand disliking this card.

  4. I totally agree with the synergy seen with W/B aggro but that’s it. There are much better options for mono W aggro and it certainly isn’t good in every deck and isn’t good at all against a nonaggro or burn opponent. It doesn’t do anything against midrange, ramp or solid control. If you draft BW aggro a lot then sure, i’d see putting it in but it’s a sideboard card at best otherwise.

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