And a Final MBS Update

Hero of Oxid Ridge was going in for sure, and in the process of figuring out what to cut, we decided that Grab the Reins could go as well…

So that brings Spikeshot Elder back, as the most recent cut that seemed like it could use another try.

I guess it’s a little weird to cut an anti-control card for a control/midrange card, but that hasn’t been the direction of the other changes, and Adamaro was the least-liked card in red, I think.

Cutting a card that is undoubtedly pretty close to being just obsoleted for the green Zenith. This card has really grown on me over the last couple of days, and I think is an excellent fit for decks with creatures at a range of costs. It’s already shown up and been really, really solid.

Just trying things out here, and cutting the most similar card. A few people suggested Body Double as a better cut, but I still like that guy- it lets you double up on reanimation targets, and it’s splashable and unique. Whenever WOTC decides to print blue cards for the cube again, it may go, but the last few sets haven’t offered much.

Upgrade upgrade upgrade.


4 responses to “And a Final MBS Update

  1. Flameblast Dragon ;_;

    The changes seem good, except maybe the Sphinx swap, not sure how that’ll turn out. We’ll have to see the new Sword in action, I was a little underwhelmed when it was spoiled. On the other hand, Sword of Vengeance has always been slightly disappointing since it leaves off Akroma’s most fun ability (lifelink) – I guess it would be too similar to Loxodon Warhammer with it.

  2. great changes. i am trying out the sphinx myself, he looks like a lot of fun.

    @david: you might want to reread akroma, angel of wrath…

  3. Solid update. You definately may want to try to fit in Inkwell since you’re now running tinker. In the cube we’re using here we run Tinker, Master Transmuter and Kuldotha Forgemaster alongside Inkwell, both the old and new Colossus and Sphinx of the Steel Wind. That’s not mentioning Thopter Foundry, Wurmcoil, Myr Battlesphere, all 3 Masticores ect ect. Tinker effects are fantastic, and it’s well worth spending a few spots to ensure that the theme has extra pieces to work with.

  4. hey. i wasn’t sure where to post this but i think it was really relevant after reading your new article on SCG (great job, keep it up btw). anyway. this is about powered v. nonpowered cubes. I run a nonpowered cube and i think that everyone is missing a very important distinction. In an unpowered cube it is not enough just to keep out the Power 9. It is also crucial to keep out other cards LIKE the power 9. In my cube this includes Sol Ring, LoA, Winter’s Orb, Armageddon, Jitte, Maze of Ith, Mind Twist, Crystal Shard…basically any card that single handedly will prevent any opponent from winning a game solely on its own. You can still have these effects in other, more fair and fun cards like Mystifying Maze. Not to rant but this is something that nobody ever mentions when they talk about nonpowered cubes. It’s all those cards that should not be included in such a cube, not just the power. and the lack of ALL of them is what makes a nonpowered cube so different than a powered cube.

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