Another Pre-Besieged Cube Update

So many good cards over the past couple of days! Here’s what I’ve got so far.

No surprises here- anthems are good and Guardian had become a weak link.

The Kami didn’t see much play, so there’s no harm in trying this guy. The cost makes me a little sad, but that’s kind of where white is right now.

Whoa guys, can you believe they printed this? Power creep!

Ok, I’m done. I recently played a Tinker/Reanimation deck on MTGO, and it was really fun- I got to use the card filtering stuff I love, and I’m a big fan of toolboxes… basically it was a blast to play and I’d like to do that more. Do I need Inkwell along with it? Curious as to opinions there.

Oh, and replay videos from that will be on sometime this week.

Another card that has had some good showings online replacing one that’s been creeped out. We’ve also added some artifact mana recently, so I think Upheaval should have a decent home.

This is the most painful cut I’ve made in a while, but I think it’s the best option. I just can’t see a world where the Zenith doesn’t get a spot, though. Suggestions are welcome…

Ambition’s Cost didn’t see much play, and Go for the Throat (I love the name, by the way. It’s just so goofy) is an auto-include. I thought about Sudden Death as well, but that sees more play. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it cut soon, though.

I’m not sure how good this guy will be, but I think this is an upgrade.

I’m guessing this will be the least-liked change, but I really liked the Beacon cycle in cube and I want to give this a shot as well. Banefire’s ability didn’t often come into play, and I think the graveyard effect is about as powerful. In the worst case, Banefire is a known quantity and I don’t mind giving this a shot.

I completely agonized over what to cut until it occurred to me to look at spells. Another super-powerful card that sees next to no play. That’s ok, it means all Baloths are safe… for now.

It’s a little sick how excited I am about this guy.

Last but not least, this guy:

is just getting added. We have five spots that we never filled after redoing gold last year, and they might turn into artifact spots. Either way, there’s nothing I’m really excited to cut at the moment.


14 responses to “Another Pre-Besieged Cube Update

  1. I did the same cut for Thrun.

    I really like the WW Disenchant O ring guy. But I feel like i’ve been burnt in the past with guys like this. I played both Mesmeric fiend and Tidehollow Sculler and they were less than impressive. And it’s hard not to draw simularaties between the two. Plus I think I have enough WW spells in 2.

    Also, I like the banefire cut.

  2. Most of these seem good or at least reasonable. As you know I don’t like cutting Decree of Pain here, I personally think Black Sun’s Zenith is a lot less exciting. But it’s reasonable to try out. I’d probably cut a different removal spell for Go for the Throat just because black has so many of them and I want to keep some variety in black. Likewise, I’d think very hard before cutting a green spell for another creature because green has by far the fewest good spells and the most creatures. I’d probably cut Blastoderm because it’s pretty similar but Thrun is just better.

  3. gah! thea! don’t cut desertion!!

  4. great changes. i like banefire more than dishufflegrate but it’s possible it will play better than i’m expecting. emissary doesn’t seem great but is definitely better than wayfinder.

    • I know Emissary isn’t getting a lot of love, but I think that the majority of the time I play STE, it’s chump + sac. So while this guy isn’t as consistent, it can get in for some damage, and is your opponent really going to not attack to prevent you from landfetching? I think it’s much less cut-and-dry than the “land-fetch when you need a guy, guy when you need a land” that I’ve heard. Not to say that this guy is perfect, but I like him a decent amount.

  5. yea the desertion cut is painful. that has been great in mine

  6. I wish the banefire could stay in but I like every other cut though. I love phyrexian revoker one of my favorite cards from the new set.

  7. If you are bringing in tinker I recommend at least 2 giant tinker targets. My cube has inkwell leviathan, darksteel collossus, and sphinx of the steel wind. My cube also has a recurssion theme though (and collossus is most likely getting the boot soon because it is very rarely utilized) so cards like inkwell can be stuck into decks running graveyard tricks. I would recommend having your tinker targets be castable. Recommendations are: Memnarch, Platinum Angel, Platinum Emperion, Sundering Titan, Myr Battlesphere, Inkwell Leviathan. If you also have a recurssion theme then I would also consider running sphinx of the steel wind.

  8. For whatever it’s worth… I played Banefire in the MTGO cube draft last night and it was awesome. I was U/W/r control and Banefire was my winning spell in 2 or 3 games. It was most relevant against the U/B control player I played against.

    • I think playing Winston rather than 8-mans makes a big difference here. Online, yeah, you are guaranteed to play against blue at least once. In winston, it comes up less often.

  9. “Recommendations are: Memnarch, Platinum Angel, Platinum Emperion, Sundering Titan, Myr Battlesphere, Inkwell Leviathan. If you also have a recurssion theme then I would also consider running sphinx of the steel wind.”

    the platinum cards are easily dealt with so i don’t think they’re very good tinker targets. memnarch requires an absurd amount of mana to be remotely worthwhile, which totally defeats the purpose of tinker getting you an early advantage. the others you mention are fantastic and i second them.

  10. No love for Green Sun’s Zenith yet? Not sold on Red Sun over Banefire, likely due to the large amount of counter magic in my cube. I do have a soft spot for Beacon of Destruction, though, so I can see myself squeezing Red Sun in somewhere. This set definitely has some cube worthy stuff.

    A bit of shameless self-promotion, but my friends and I have started a Cube blog as well (largely inspired by this one). Hoping to get some discussion going. Visit us at 🙂

    • Cool, I will check out your blog later on today! Thanks for posting.

      Check out my next update for Green Sun’s Zenith 🙂

      I replied to juzamjedi above about RSZ- I like Banefire too, but in Winston the uncounterableness is less important.

  11. The Red Zenith in a 40 card deck is just beyond obscene. It sucks to lose Banefire, but I definitely agree it’s an upgrade.

    Can’t believe that Tinker wasn’t already in your deck. I really like Desertion, but I agree Tinker just has to be in there somewhere.

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