MTGO Cube Draft #15

Here’s the new list . crooked_rain is letting me borrow a bunch of cards, which is why the list is hell of swank. Thanks!

Here’s who’s playing:

feb31st (Jon Corpora, a SCG talent search competitor!)

And pairings for Round 1:

1. DarkSteeleCube vs. BabyBlueDragon
2. Pseudotropheus vs. feb31st
3. Gardevi vs. meta_knightmare
4. norbert88 vs. crooked_rain

And if you’re paired against your nemesis, don’t blame me, blame the DCI reporter.

Round 2:
1. Gardevi vs. Pseudotropheus
2. BabyBlueDragon vs. norbert88
3. crooked_rain vs. DarkSteeleCube
4. meta_knightmare vs. feb31st

Round 3:
1. BlueBabyDragon vs. Pseudotropheus
2. feb31st vs. meta_knightmare
3. DarkSteeleCube vs. norbert88


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