Miniature Cube Update

I don’t feel strongly either way, but I think Revoke Existence does something cooler, and I don’t run any ways to fetch enchantments.

As I’ve talked about in like three other places now, I’ve tried Consuming Vapors before, but I’m trying it again. I used to like Ashes to Ashes- it’s flexible and does a thing. But in another way it’s extremely inflexible, since it does nothing once you can’t cast it and requires two targets. I’m not sad about this at all, and as I’ve said elsewhere- pretty sure my poor opinion of Consuming Vapors was due to evaluating it in the wrong deck/board position.

Accorder Paladin!

The new Blade of the Sixth Pride is also going to make it in, probably for Serra Avenger or Guardian of the Guildpact (Guardian if I have my way, still holding out for that full art Serra Avenger. Only a little bit joking).

Not that anyone is unaware, but it is just nuts how good the spoiled white cards from Mirrodin Besieged have been. I guess when Phyrexians show up, you step up your game.


11 responses to “Miniature Cube Update

  1. I think exiling is just a flat out cooler term than destroy and I have drawn Ashes when i was at 4 life and would of lived if it was any other removal spell I like vapors a lot.

    Whats the new Blade of the Sixth pride?

  2. good update. i like seal more but they’re very close in power level.

  3. I think these are wise choices. I’m yet to try either in my Cube, but they may earn their spot soon enough. MBS looks like a great set for cube additions, so far. Let’s hope there’s more good coming.

  4. Pro Seal:
    – Academy Rector (which I still run)
    Pro Revoke:
    – Reanimation, Recursion, Wurmcoil Engine

    Since decks with a good early game against aggro and a lategame with cards like Genesis, Academy Ruins, Stronghold, Life from the Loam, All Sun’s Dawn and Reanimation have become a force in my cube I have begun to take a second look at cards like Stonecloaker and Revoke Existence.

    I really like Revoke.

    The lifegain on Vapors prooved crucial many times in my experience.

    I cut Avenger and Guardian a long time ago and never missed them. The Paladin will definitely find its place in many cubes, I hope. Wx- aggro is really shining now.

  5. It’s not hard for creatures to be supplanted in Cube these days, and I don’t foresee that changing anytime soon. I went through and did a quick rough count of card frames in your cube (taking into account reprints); in every color, modern (post 8th) creatures outnumber older creatures, while the opposite is true for spells (except for red, given the power boost 1-2 CMC direct damage has gotten in the past year from R&D since until 2007 they were afraid to print anything stronger than Volcanic Hammer). Creatures have been soaring up the power band for years, while spells’ power has been shifted into the higher CMC range, instants have been neutered, and it’s hard to imagine a better or cheaper counter/discard/LD spell being printed in the age of the Brand (all-upside, nothing unfun) department having final say. Better creatures for a given cost will be printed (how long can Fireslinger possibly remain viable?), but I’d imagine most noncreature swaps will be lateral moves involving block mechanics, for unique effects, variety, and small bonuses tacked on to staples rather than ‘strictly better’ cards (as the Revoke Existence debate indicates). Oh, and Planeswalkers.

    • Totally snaked one of my future article ideas, which is to look at how various subsections of the cube have been affected by power creep or lack thereof, and as you said, spells and creatures are in a very different place.

  6. @Yasar_T: there is more to the picture than that. you can play seal whenever you have the extra mana or when it would be most convenient for you and then sac it at instant speed for no mana. revoke needs a target and even if you draw it early you are forced to spend the two mana when they drop a major threat instead of on something else. seal dies to disenchants but is more resilient against countermagic. seal can be played around but also can prevent your opponent from play the artifact in the first place. it’s a complex comparison but i think seal comes out just a bit ahead. i can see the argument for either, though.

  7. Have you thought about expanding your cube so that you can include the cards that were hard to cut?

    • No, I don’t think I’m at that point yet. For one thing, I don’t want to expand until each section has difficult cuts, and I don’t think that red or green does, yet. Also, in general I don’t want to expand unless cuts are really, really tough- and just because I cut a pet card here or there doesn’t mean I’m at that point.

      Other people have different views- I think Evan Erwin, for example, is more willing to expand his cube than most. But for me, the cube is better the more uniform the quality of the cards is, and expanding doesn’t help you there.

  8. Definitely glad to see Consuming Vapors back in as it’s been an all star in its showings in my cube. Interested to see how Revoke Existence does in yours as we left it out of mine due to the exile offsetting the sorcery speed drawback and we already had some good art/ench removal. We still have seal of cleansing in right now because it can single handedly prevent some other people from playing their bomb artifacts (we don’t run power or broken stuff like Jitte).

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