MTGO Cube Draft, 1/6/11

Kind of like the others, except this one is in the future.

I’d like this one to be west coast-accessible, so I’m looking at 11 pm EST.

Let me know if you’re interested!

So far we have:
@metaknightmare / meta_knightmare
@xLittleLeiahx / xLeiahx
@norbert88 / norbert88
@mrfridays / mrfridays
@davidscotton / Kaxon
@zturchan / zturchan
@kujotfmp / kujo
crooked_rain / crooked_rain

Pairings – Round 1

1. xLeiahx vs. meta_knightmare (2-1)
2. mrfridays vs. zturchan (1-2)
3. crooked_rain vs. kujotfmp (2-1)
4. kaxon vs. norbert88 (1-2)

Pairings – Round 2

1. norbert88 vs. zturchan
2. xLeiahx vs. crooked_rain
3. Kaxon vs. meta_knightmare
4. mrfridays vs. kujo (0-2)

Pairings – Round 3

1. norbert88 vs. crooked_rain
2. Kaxon vs. Kujo
3. xLeiahx vs. zturchan


6 responses to “MTGO Cube Draft, 1/6/11

  1. I’ll actually make it on time this time, promise! ^_^

  2. This time I’m in!

  3. I’m in, if there is room.

    mrfridays on Twitter & MTGO

  4. I would be interested as well.

    kujo on MTGO

  5. i’m in.
    mtgo tag: chaders
    SWEET 🙂

  6. Just for everyone’s info, my mtgo handle is the same: zturchan.

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