MTGO Cube Draft, 1/3/11

This is a post for information about an MTGO cube draft. Pairings will go here, and you can find usernames if you are interested in
watching some games.

The cube is here.

For those of you in the draft- I’m going to be posting pairings here, but we can also have a group chat
in MTGO. Just type “/join Cube” in a chat window (in MTGO) to join.

For those of you drafting for the first time- the general process is that we will draft on, then you will save your decklists in MTGO format and use those to get the cards that you need from me.

On tappedout, create an account and then go to “Draft Simulator” to join the draft. When the draft is over, refresh the page if you need to to get a draft summary page. There is a link at the top of that page to select your seat and generate a decklist for it. Copy and paste that into Notepad with a .txt extension.

In MTGO, trade with me (DarkSteeleCube) and use “Load Wish List” and the list you saved to get your cards.

Once you are done deckbuilding, just coordinate with the person you are paired with and play to best of three (or more if you are waiting!). You can start a game by challenging your opponent to a constructed freeform match.

Just so you know- I’m going to be recording the draft and games, possibly to use on SCG or here.

Everyone’s MTGO username:

Twitter MTGO Username
@norbert88 norbert88
@TRenewer Travy_Renewer
@wmap (me!) DarkSteeleCube
@GriffnValentine GriffenValentine
@juzamjedi juzamjedi
@metaknightmare meta_knightmare
@Kengy5 Kengy
@dcampa93 EpicSeven

Pairings for Round 1:
1. Travy_Renewer vs. meta_knightmare (2-1)
2. juzamjedi vs. EpicSeven (0-2)
3. DarkSteeleCube vs. Kengy (0-2)
4. GriffenValentine vs. norbert88 (1-2)

Pairings for Round 2:
1. norbert88 vs. Travy_Renewer (0-2)
2. DarkSteeleCube vs. GriffenValentine (0-2)
3. juzamjedi vs. meta_knightmare (2-1)
4. EpicSeven vs. Kengy (2-1)

Pairings for Round 3:
1. EpicSeven vs. Travy_Renewer
2. norbert88 vs. Kengy
3. juzamjedi vs. GriffenValentine
4. DarkSteeleCube vs. meta_knightmare (2-0)


One response to “MTGO Cube Draft, 1/3/11

  1. Hey there, do you still do cube drafts on MTGO? I’ve recently gotten interested in cubes, specifically making a pauper cube, and I’ve been wondering about trying to run one on MTGO. How did it work for you? I’m kraus911 on MTGO, or you can send me an email. Thanks!

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