MTGO Cube Drafting

I wrote about drafting the cube online on last week, and thus far it’s been a success. I wanted to start a post here to plan ahead a bit about when drafts will be.

I don’t have a schedule yet, but we are definitely on for

Monday, Dec. 20th at 8:30 PM PST (11:30 PM EST)

There are a few spots in the draft available, so please comment if you want in.

I’ll try to mix up the times to make it easier for the east coast and Europeans, if there is interest. I’m definitely open to suggestions about what times are good.


6 responses to “MTGO Cube Drafting

  1. Do you let random people join in your online cube draft? I’d be interested in trying it. (I’m Kaxon on mtgo and on the SCG forums).

    • Yeah, I do, provided they have some sort of presence somewhere, which you do. We might cube tonight between 8-9 EST. I’ll look for you on MTGO if so.

      • Cool – I won’t be around tonight, but I would definitely be interested in doing a future one. Possibly Friday, Sunday, or Monday.

  2. Hey, another random asking to draft with you guys here. I don’t really have much of a presence on the Magic sites, but since reading your SCG article I went out and built an online cube of my own; I just don’t know enough trustworthy people to have a full draft (been doing Cubes since Bleiweiss’ Big Box article in 02). I have 95% of the cards in your cube, except for the more expensive Standard-legal cards. So to alleviate any trust issues I can play with my own cards, and will provide collateral in excess of the value of any cards I don’t have (or even pick a card up from a bot prematch if it isn’t a $30 mythic). I’m crooked_rain on modo.

    • Cool, it would be great to have you. I’ll send you a message on MTGO, or you can do the same- I’m DarkSteeleCube or Mazikeen, and my husband is GriffenValentine. Either of us could let you know when we will do the next draft.

      • Awesome! I’m sure it will be a lot of fun! I’m curious, have you thought of adding Gleemox to your cube? I was thinking about adding a few of them to mine as a way to substitute for a bit of utter brokenness that is missing without the P9 (and at thirty cents, quite a bargain!) but they might be a little too unbalanced even for this format, being the most powerful card never printed.

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