Cube update – Following Advice.

Sigh… I’m apparently bound to go back on everything I say in print. The thing is that we have been trying to support Wx (and especially WG) aggro, and it started to feel like we were trying to win a marathon while vowing not to do any training. Something like that. Revoke was a bit redundant, and I think we pushed towards a few too many Disenchants, so it’s ok to let that swing back again.

Tombstalker is a card that gets pretty good reviews, and while I’d be happy to run Geth for a while longer (he’s had a few really good showings, and in my cube Fear is better evasion than Flying), it’s pretty clear that the 6CC spot is crowded- even though Silent Specter and Ink-Eyes are really at five.

I’ve been feeling that we have enough reanimation, and Nether Void is card I’ve been interested to try after reading someone (maybe on MTGS) who said it was their favorite unplayed cube card, or something like that. I’ve played it once so far… unfortunately against a deck with a Mox and Sol Ring. Yep, Nether Void is prrrobbbably not best against a deck that has five mana on turn 2.

Eidolon pointed out that my green section has a lot of ramp, and not much to ramp into. Trying to fix that here, and Squirrel Nest, while solid, doesn’t see a huge amount of play.

Same thing here. Overrun also saw very little play, and removing Squirrel Nest and Sprout Swarm recently won’t help it.

As I said above, we had about enough artifact destruction after making some changes. Sex Monkeys go, since hitting enchantments is nice too, and another evasive hard-to-kill guy comes in.

Another card I’ve been wanting to try. In a recent game I had Sarkhan Vol and Winter Orb on turn 2… it was pretty strong.

I imagine this is the most controversial change here. I get that Plumeveil is really good in a traditional U/W build, but it’s also a little boring and Swans has a pretty unreal win percentage in our cube. Maybe that’s just luck, I love the little guy. This is a card that I would never pass pick 1 in Winston draft, and I can’t say the same for Plumeveil at all. Though a wall of birds suddenly appearing would be disconcerting.

Gelectrode is a card we have somehow never tried, and while I like Dominus, and he makes me want to draft U/R, he really only goes in three decks… and two of those are pretty hard to achieve in Winston.


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    all i’m gonna say.

  2. The Swans are not bad, but they would just be so much better in UR, since a white deck doesn’t really have a way to get value out of the ability.
    They are a fast clock and can create a ton of card advantage, but you can easily get blown out by spot removal (be it the eot bolt, that lets your opponent draw 3 cards or just getting 2:1ed if he/she has a Terror in response to you trying to throw something at your Swans).

    I really like the Sex Monkeys in green, since the color doesn’t have to many ways to generate card advantage besides searching for extra lands. I would rather lose one of the 3 Naturalize effects or Borderland Ranger, since you are already Civic Wayfinder.

    Also even if the wording sounds a bit odd, Nether Void still works like printed (and does not just make all spells cost an additional 3 mana, like a few people think), which means that your Great Sable Stags / Banefires are unaffected by the card.

  3. Like everything but ditching the sex monkeys!! Extremely useful and totally inappropriate to boot! Mire Boa def. deserves its spot, but I hate to see the Orangutans go.

  4. Although this isn’t pertinent to this set of updates, i was thinking, have you considered adding vampire hexmage? With so many planeswalkers in the cube it seems like this lady should get some love.

    maybe switch it in for nezumi cutthroat?

  5. I just drafted the Swans in my cube in a UR counterburn, and it was awesome doubling as finisher and card advantage engine. The fact that he’s a hybrid helps a lot too.

    Winter Orb use to be in my cube too, but that made games extremely slow and frustrating, so it became one of the few cards removed for “unfunness”.

    I’m interested in how Terastodon and the Primus do, the lack of fatties to accelerate into is a problem for me as well. It looks like few are worth the trouble, with so much quality removal available.

  6. abundant removal is precisely why the ‘don and primus are good. they pass the terminate (and in primus’ case, the wrath) test. terastodon destroys multiple troublesome permanents or makes an army that can’t be removed by one kill spell. and primus is just really tough to kill outside a couple of white exile spells, and even if he does die you blew up one (or two) of their permanents anyway.

    “Winter Orb use to be in my cube too, but that made games extremely slow and frustrating”

    winter orb shouldn’t be making games slow and frustrating because you should only cast it when you have an advantage, allowing you to win shortly thereafter when your opponent can’t respond to that advantage. it’s not supposed to just be cast whenever you feel like it (just like armageddon).

  7. Oops, I had never realized that Winter Orb and Static Orb were not the same card. My bad. That one used to hurt though, I vowed I’d never play it again after playing it together with Magus of the Tabernacle.

  8. @japahn: Actually the most common use of Winter Orb here is in an aggro deck, where it prevents your opponent from playing a Wrath/ superior creature for another 2 turns, while your creatures can deal the final points of damage.
    It is kind of an insurance for an aggro deck, that if you are already in a favored position, that you not just get blown out by some random bomb.

  9. Yeah, I meant I had Static Orb in, which is worse. When I saw Winter Orb I didn’t notice it was another card.

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