Momir Basic on MTGO

So I have Camtasia but I haven’t been playing any standard on MTGO lately, so I thought I would make a Momir Basic video instead. Justin was kind enough to sit down with me and comment on the game.

If you don’t know about the format, the idea is that you have a 60 card deck of all basic lands, and a Momir Vig avatar. On your turn, you can pay X and discard a card to make a token of a random creature with CMC X. It’s really fun, and for someone like me, a fun magic history lesson along the way.

I’ll warn you that this game is pretty uninteresting, but I thought I’d post the video anyway since I was done with it. I’m hoping to make some more (hopefully with more interesting game states!) shortly.


8 responses to “Momir Basic on MTGO

  1. Always play creatures in your main phase in case you hit removal or hasty creatures. The only time not to do it like that is if you have the 100% kill on the table.

    Also, F6.

  2. Statistically, you might be right that more creatures have a positive impact first main phase. But there are certainly plenty that hurt you (given a certain board position).

    Obviously it is correct to play the creature first if it will impact whether or not you attack, or if you have to win that turn. Otherwise, I’d rather just get damage in for sure.

    In addition, I don’t want to give my opponent information that will help them block correctly.

    I’m not in the habit of using F6 because I usually play on my Mac, where FN+F6 is more annoying that just clicking through.

  3. A lot of people play more mountains because of, um, ‘fire-breather, shit’.


  4. this is phenomenal. you got acceleration, ghastlord of fugue, and hellkite charger (?!) and he got bog hoodlums?!?! it’s like a hilarious intentional joke.

    • Sigh… I know. I almost didn’t post it because I’ve basically never seen a less interesting game of magic. At least when your opponent never hits a third land you get to see what they are discarding…

      More to come, though!

  5. maybe i wasn’t clear, i actually really enjoyed it. the horrible one sided nature of the game was extremely amusing to me. especially because you were controlling cubeable bombs and he was controlling a card that i currently have in my “worst cards ever printed” collection alongside chimney imp and mudhole.

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