The upside is pretty good

So, eidolon cleverly pointed out that breaking some rules but still keeping gold and hybrid separate was totally fucking stupid, and so about 8 hours later we made the following changes:

1. Cut each guild to 5 cards, freeing 30 spots. The thing is that while some combinations (WG) have excellent hybrid cards,
others have just nothing. And as a side note Loam Lion and Kird Ape make way more sense in gold than hybrid. Anyways!

2. Added 5 cards to WUBRG. Not just any cards… these cards:

So yeah. The cuts can be painful, but getting to add stuff at the same time softens the blow. Any suggestions on other monocolor cards we should try?


7 responses to “The upside is pretty good

  1. Hm, either that has something to do with the settings on this university computer, or there is something wrong with the links to the pictures, since I don’t see anything right now. I let you know in ~10h.
    (Update: Looks like the Wizards of the Coast site is down)

  2. awesome additions, everything except hinder is a staple. on the subject of what monocolor cards you should try, i will reiterate what i’ve said before: you should add more one drops into black. sarcomancy, carnophage, and fume spitter have been quite good here.

    what multicolor did you drop/keep?

    • Thanks! Justin is a little concerned that black has too much life loss right now, but if things work out I think we will try Carnophage for sure.
      The multicolor link to the right is up-to-date. I think the only new card is Putrid Leech.

  3. “I think the only new card is Putrid Leech.”
    Don’t forget Venser, the Sojourner.

    The other removed gold cards were
    Brion Stoutarm
    Bituminous Blast
    Rumbling Slum
    Burning-Tree Shaman
    Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind
    Soul Manipulation
    Agony Warp
    Ith, High Arcanist
    Iridescent Angel
    Dauntless Escort
    Behemoth Sledge
    Rise // Fall
    Augury Adept
    Life // Death
    Demigod of Revenge
    Fulminator Mage
    Swans of Bryn Argoll
    Debtors’ Knell
    Deathbringer Liege
    Ghastlord of Fugue
    Rendclaw Trow
    Creakwood Liege
    Oversoul of Dusk
    Call the Skybreaker
    Nobilis of War
    Balefire Liege
    Cold-Eyed Selkie
    Overbeing of Myth

    (Ancestral Vision also seems to got cut from your cube with this update.)

    I like these additions a lot, since your cube has been lacking some early drops.

    As for the recommended cards:
    Most walkers deserve a place in the cube, maybe you could add a second walker to each color once green gets a second cubeable one?
    Other highly recommended cards are those that you currently consider “unfun”, like mana denial, Tinker or the Draw7s.

    Less controversial cards are
    Enlightened Tutor: fetches all kind of powerful stuff
    Scepter of Dominance: another Icy Manipulator
    Lone Missionary: good anti aggro card, that gives you an additional turn in the damage race

    Blue has a few great counters that you are currently not running
    Forbid: Allow you to preserve your board advantage over multiple turns
    Dismiss: The most common use of Cryptic Command
    Remand / Memory Lapse: easy to cast tempo counters

    Sarcomancy /Carnophage: already mentioned
    Tombstalker: ignore the cmc, this card is actually a 4 drop, but later you can also get your 5/5 flier for only 2
    Consuming Vapors: card advantage, untargeted removal and a way to stabilize

    Words of War: Nice combo with Memory Jar or Sylvan Library, but even without any synergies, the card is great source of uncounterable damage
    Volcanic Hammer: a bit boring but efficient

    Wall of Roots: “hasty” mana accelerator that also helps you against beatdown decks
    Wild Mongrel / Mire Boa: efficient 2 drops with (limited) removal protection
    Woodfall Primus / Terastodon: green has currently 17 cards that either tap for mana or give you extra lands, so that it is a bit surprising that you are only running one 6+ mana card in this color
    Krosan Tusker: mana fixer and instant speed card advantage in a color without card draw. Also can be used as a 3 turn clock when you don’t need any more mana or happen to have a reanimation spell

  4. seeing the removed cards listed helps make it clear how good this update was. i don’t like losing brion or bit blast, but i think your cube is better off without the rest of it.

  5. I’m trying to get a cube going and was wondering if you could update the visual spoiler with your cube updates when you get a chance? Thanks Thea.

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