At least once more.

Sometimes you just get to a point. I like to call it the if-I-cut-Nucklavee-from-one-more-red-blue-deck-because-I-have-Time-Walk-and-Bolt-and-can’t-recur-them-I-will….-something point.

The result is that we made some changes (hacks) to multicolor and hybrid to address good cards we weren’t running and crappy cards we were. It’s awkward, but the way I see it is that Life//Death is a placeholder for a good B/G hybrid card in much the same way Cankerous Thirst was (and hey, both are really black spells. Zing!). When there is another hybrid set, I’d love to swap these back to true hybrid. In the meantime, there’s more in the cube that I’m excited to draft.

But please don’t tell me that _____ is not a ______ card. I know. But I promise you that none of the ______ cards are any good.

This is one of the hackiest, since I think we all know that while a 3/3 for 1 is cool, this is really just Isamaru in two different decks. But I missed this card, and won’t ever miss Uril. And oh right, there’s a promo! What a coincidence.

Thrax is actually really good, but unlike Sphinx of the Steel Wind and Broodmate, he wasn’t always worth splashing for. And Rise//Fall is pretty nuts. And makes Persecutor better! Which is basically all I look for these days.

Oh look, I snuck in a totally legitimate swap. Go go sort of Ember Hauler!

This one is awkward because Torrent was pretty ok, and Bit Blast is distinctly not hybrid. But the problem is that a) I really missed Bit Blast (and Jund, but that’s another topic) and Torrent is really a black card. I mean, the red absolutely makes it better, but you don’t need the red to make it playable. But it was clearly never going to be run in a deck that couldn’t produce black.
That said, I don’t want Bit Blast in multicolor over the cards that are currently there.

Nothing too ambiguous here. I’m fine with this staying in forever.

And likewise. By the way, this card has already been sick.

As I said, neither of these is balanced between black and green, but at least the black part has a higher power level here. I do wish the cube had more combat tricks, however.

This is the most unreasonable swap, but Nucklavee was just not good, and it turns out that subpar cards in a color combination don’t actually entice anyone to play that combination. Slave of Bolas is a card that I’ve really wanted to find a spot for, and I guess… here’s a spot. And it kind of involves red and blue.


3 responses to “At least once more.

  1. +Wild Nacatl: while it is fine as an Isamaru, I have seen a good number of 3/3 cats in my cube
    -Thraximundar: This card is a lot of fun and I would probably play it over Bolas, if it were 1 mana cheaper.
    +Rise // Fall: The Rise half is suboptimal early in the game, since you either can’t cast it or might create -2 card disadvantage if you do so.
    I think it is the strongest parts about Hymn, that you can hit early lands, which is not going to happen with this card. Fall is only good in the midgame, after the players have played all the lands in their hand ad aren’t keeping lands back and imo Slave of Bolas would be the better card for this slot.
    -Bull Cerodon: its a powerhouse in UC cubes, but you can do better in regular cubes
    +Goblin Legionary: while Ember Hauler is ok in red, since you want more 2 drops in that color, changing a red mana to a white, the card has to compete with a huge amount of better 2 mana creatures.

    “I do wish the cube had more combat tricks, however. “:
    Well you could try to fit Vines of Vastwood into green, which plays like a second copy of Stonewood Invocation most of the time

    +Slave of Bolas (as an UR card): I understand that Nucklavee is bad, but you can’t even cast SoB in a nonblack deck.

    Hybrid->Gold / Split / Kird Apes: You might as well just throw all the gold+hybrid cards together, so you don’t have to justify your decisions for certain cards, just because there are better non-hybrid cards in a colorpair available.
    If you go even further and throw the signets in as well, you get to solve the problem of not having enough gold slots in BR and an useful card for UR.

  2. in my opinion, separating hybrid and gold result in more imbalance because you either run a ton of subpar cards or cut good cards to maintain an even number. hybrid cards play better in both colors anyway, and i think a cube is better off running the better cards whether they’re hybrid or not. /soapbox

    anyway, it’s a great update and i think your cube will be the better for it. but i don’t understand why you’re running two grixis cards (and cut a third) and none of them is nicol bolas, planeswalker. i’m sure this has come up before but if so, i don’t remember why. 🙂

    • Yeah, you two are absolutely right and we made another huge change about a day after this one, but I haven’t had time to update yet. I DO like the concept of having hybrid and gold separate but it’s just not worth it now. Maybe in a few years. Or ten.

      Anyway, I will post a real update soon, but the short of it is that we combined hybrid and gold and went to 5 in each pair, and added stuff to monocolors to make up the lost cards. It’s already been good, of course.

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