Will these updates ever stop emerging?

Thanks quitequieter, although it wasn’t exactly the swap you suggested (I love CITP abilities more than any other human, so Echo Tracer rates higher with me than Shaper). Snapper has already been good at both blocking Bloodbraids and beating for 4, so success!

I have seriously strained my marriage to make this swap, so listen up Dark Confidant you better do your job.
Aside: here are some way to push through your cube swaps.

1. Use the “If we don’t like it, we can just change it back!”
2. Subtly imply that if someone else isn’t having success with a card you like, they are just not playing it right somehow.

I don’t want to say that the new art helped… but it can’t have hurt.

Wickerbough Elder has this problem where if you play it out and can’t use it right away, you might not get to, but luckily Thelonite Hermit has the exact same problem. And as you all said, it just absolutely sucks with any of the bounce/recursion/reanimation effects that are supposed to make creatures good.

Oh hey, Copper Tablet. You had a good run.

All is Dust is a card I was really excited about for what it offered to UB control decks that might lack for ways to deal with both creatures and non-creature permanents. Ultimately it got cut a lot- for costing too much, being unsynergistic, or just not hitting the equipment that was the real problem. Battlesphere has gotten really good reviews, and hey, they both cost 7.

Blowouts with Mirrorweave tend to include Wilt-Leaf Liege. Unfortunately, the cube is a singleton format, and Mirrorweave was relatively little played. Augury Adept might not work, but it seemed to have the most potential to do well. And it’s certainly possible to build decks (like the realllly unfair M11 ones you might have loved and hated) that let a little guy get through. I think it’s worth a shot, as the reward side is greater than any other options ( probably Turn to Mist is next in line).

PS. Does it hurt to lose two morphs at once? I guess a little. But we all know that when morph comes back power creep is going to give us like a dozen cubeable morphs. So i think it’ll swing back eventually.


6 responses to “Will these updates ever stop emerging?

  1. Everything seems liek an upgrade.

  2. I don’t know. I may love ETB (one character shorter that way) even more than you do. It took me a while to start playing vanilla beaters in Constructed decks. 🙂

  3. -the morphs: both of them were just too expensive and while the surprise factor from running many morphs in your cube helps you in game 1, your opponent still knows all the morphs that he/she has seen in the draft and in game 2/3 all of your morphs should be known.

    +Calcite Snapper: It is not only a really fun card, but also surprisingly effective in what it does: preventing a ton of damage against aggro, while being a blue Giant Solifuge against control / once you have stabilized.

    +Dark Confidant: Bot is a slightly more painful (<1.5 damage/card in aggro) Phyrexian Arena, that draws you an additional +2 card advantage (1 from putting a threat on the board and another one because he comes down a full turn earlier) and puts your opponent on a clock.

    +Jackal Pub: I just love the new artwork of this card.

    +Whikerbough Elder: welcome back

    +Perilous Myr: it gives you a mini Moat early and even if your opponent doesn't have the most aggressive deck, you can always trade it with a 3/3 or remove some counters from a walker

    +Myr Battlesphere is an edict proof Tinker target which can deal 1.7xher manacost of damage in a single swing, leaves an army if it gets destroyed and allows you to make some references about Indiana Jones, Legion from Castlevania, "Battlestar Myr" (and in the German version of the card even Southpark http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pJQROTQOqw)

    -Mirrorweave: The card didn't fit into UW, since Ux decks has no use for something like this.

    +Augury Adept: Curse of Chains is probably the best hybrid card in this color that you are not running, but it is still very unimpressive. Since the Adept is a lot better in the games where he does what he is supposed to do, it is probably still the more suitable card for this slot.

  4. excellent changes! 🙂 i like the parasite more than echo tracer but i’m glad to see the snapper in. i also like curse of chains more than the adept.

    keep in mind that confidant is better the more aggressive your deck is, which means it’s better the more aggressive your cube is. your cube has gotten more aggressive recently, but if it doesn’t work out this time you should keep it in mind if your cube’s average cc gets lower in the future. some cards are more dependent on cube contents than others, and this is one of those cards.

  5. quote: “keep in mind that confidant is better the more aggressive your deck is, which means it’s better the more aggressive your cube is. ”
    While that is true, a difference of 0.5 of the average casting cost would only result in 1 additional damage every 4 turns.

  6. Wizard People reference!! *swoon*

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