First Pick Series #16

Uh, Blue? Tone it down a notch.


11 responses to “First Pick Series #16

  1. 1. Balance
    2. Mox Sapphire
    3. Cryptic Command
    4. Decree of Justice

    ….a bunch of Blue and White cards…

  2. 1. Mox
    2. Vial
    3. Balance
    4. CC

    i ❤ mono artifacts.

  3. 1) Aether Vial
    2) Mox Sapphire
    3) Balance
    4) Cryptic Command

  4. So how was my Mox pick over the Vial?… my first thought was Vial, seemed like a coin flip though. Now that i think about it, Mox is just okay mid-late game, and vial is pretty strong throughout. Both being quite amazing first-third turn. Is it personal preference, or is vial the “correct” choice? =/

  5. Kyle, I think I’d go with the Mox too. The Vial is amazing on turn 1 and worthwhile for a few more turns, but at some point it becomes a bad topdeck, except maybe if you have creatures like Mirri or Nekrataal that can create blowouts when played at instant speed.

    Personally, I think I’m going:

    Cryptic Command
    Aether Vial

    …. but I realllly love Balance.

  6. There is a mox in this pack, that is by far the best card. The only way you don’t take Balance here is if you don’t want to play white. (and even that isn’t a good reason because Balance is splashable)

    Mox is always a safe pick.

    Thirst is solid card draw and can interact with many archetypes. I would be happy to start looking for some big stompys and grab all the reanimator spells. (and that Cryptologist on the wheel)

    I really don’t like the thought of taking a card with triple color commitment p1p1. Especially when it’s the most wanted color in draft.

    My picks.
    1. Balance
    2. Mox Sapphire
    3. Thirst for Knowledge
    4. Cryptic Command

  7. 1. Wrath of God
    2. Mind Twist
    3. Armageddon

  8. 1 – Mox Sapphire
    2 – Cryptic Command
    3 – Balance
    4 – A Vial
    5 – Memory Jar

  9. If your are not picking balance first you are doing it wrong.

    2. Vial
    3. Mox
    4. Cryptic

  10. If there isn’t a good blue card or lightning bolt in the pack Balance is the pick… but it cant compete with something that allows you to cast blue cards a turn earlier.

  11. First, I’m really happy to see a new cube website, it’s really great.
    I’m also happy to see that moxen got some first pick love here, was surprised to see how low they were ranked on MTGSalvation P1P1 cube thread.

    Between Balance and mox, it’s really really a hard choice, but the safest pick is definatly the mox, especially in a really blue deep pack, simply because we can hope even TfK to come back.

    Balance is sooooo closed, probably one of the most powerfull mox effect, i think that i would pick it in 2v2 games over the mox, but not in 1v1.

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