Awesome Cube Proxies

Got these today from my buddy Max, included with his RSVP. I’m super excited! I love the Time Walk one – “Guys, I’m gonna need a turn here to figure out what’s going on with my boat”.


6 responses to “Awesome Cube Proxies

  1. I would be very interested to know how these were created. They look awesome!

  2. I’ve been making these proxies for my own cube after Justin sent me a youtube video that outlined the process. You start by making blank cards. To get nonfoil blanks, you dip the corner of a foil card in acetone (or any solvent) and then peel the foil layer off from that corner. Use the solvent to remove any foiling that remains. If you want foil blanks, dip some paper towel in acetone and rub the front of a foil card with it until the ink comes off.

    Once you have the blank cards, you need to make the card art. I used Magic Set Editor ( to create the card frames and format the things, and I got all the art I’ve used from deviantart.

    Once you have the card looking like you want, you can copy the image into another program to adjust the size and to print. I used MS Word. You then print the images onto an 8.5″x11″ transparency (fits 8 cards), spray aerosol adhesive lightly onto the transparency from a reasonable distance (if the glue is too thick or beads up significantly it will affect the final image quality), and put the blank cards over the images. When the glue is dry, cut away the transparency around the card and you have your proxy. I also flip the images horizontally before printing so that the ink is between the card and the transparency, and therefore wont rub off when the card is touched or played with.

    The final cards look pretty nice, but are slightly thicker and less flexible than normal magic cards. If you can find very thin transparency it would be best to use that, as well as minimal adhesive, to preserve the properties of the original cardboard.

    Good luck!

  3. Thank you for the thorough explanation! I’ll have to give this a try.

  4. Those are some amazing Proxies! Your friend should go into business selling those!

    P.S. I’m saying this for 2 reasons: I would definitely buy them for my Cube and art that good deserves to be seen by everyone.

  5. Those are awesome. Are those artworks publicly available for people who want to try making their own proxies?

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