First Pick Series #15

Is it wrong to just want Crystal Ball? Actually, this pack is kind of what I like about the cube- solid dudes, nothing crazily broken (well, Land Tax…) and some fun build-around stuff.


6 responses to “First Pick Series #15

  1. 1. Noble Hierarch
    2. Land Tax
    3. Vampire Nighthawk
    4. Diabolic Edict

    I assume most people will 1P1P Land Tax, and that seems fine. I just find Hierarch to be really good, and it falls under my preference regarding decks that I like to draft.

  2. 1. Land Tax
    2. Diabolic Edict
    3. Emeria Angel
    4. Vampire Nighthawk

    I’m not a big cube drafter, but I think Emeria Angel is a pretty sweet 5 drop and getting a bunch of flyers as blockers/attackers is sweet.

  3. 1) Noble Hierarch
    2) Emeria Angel
    3) Crystal Ball
    4) Land Tax
    I like Diabolic Edict, but I prefer removal that let’s me choose what to kill. I feel that Crystal Ball improves any deck it is put in, and that is why I’d take it over Land Tax. Tax is awesome in the early game, but Crystal Ball doesn’t depreciate much over the course of a game.

  4. 1. Land Tax
    2. Crystal Ball
    3. Emeria Angel
    4. Noble Hierarch

    … but I could totally see taking Edict too, or Oversoul which is by the way nuts. It’s one of those “What am I in the mood for?” packs.

  5. 1) Land Tax
    2) Diabolic Edict
    3) Crystal Ball
    4) Mishra’s Factory

    …I really like Vampire Nighthawk. He’s a super-soild dude.

  6. This is an amazing pack to post up.

    Land Tax is clearly the most powerful but even as the most greedy/comboy player in my group i sometimes find it falls flat. Factory/Crystal Ball are pretty nice “Safe” picks if you dont want to commit. Noble Hierarch i think is very very powerful (i put elfs/mana artifacts pretty high). Hierarch also has the advantage of being the only real green card in the pack and i have a feeling rafiq would come back. Nighthawk keeps impressing me even though on paper a 2 power 3 drop that doesn’t provide card advantage is weak.

    1 Hierarch (would have been tax if it wasnt mostly white cards in the pack)
    2 Tax
    3 Factory
    4 Vampire

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