You know how sometimes you have a piece of information in your brain, and you just can’t keep it to yourself? Well, bear that in mind as you read the following.

Suppose that you are getting dressed and putting on jeans, but the zipper won’t work. You can’t zip them up. At this time, it’s appropriate to exclaim, “Somone pithed my pants!”

Alright, I feel better now. That just popped into my head the other day, and I just had to say it before I forgot it. Now it’s your turn- do have cube or magic related jokes, preferably ones so dumb that you can’t even begin to explain them to people who don’t play?

Ah, I’ll keep going. Some are highly situational- for example, one of my earliest experiences with Vedalken Shackles was in the cube, while my opponent had Greater Gargadon. Obviously that plays out like target-with-shackles -> sac-to-gargadon, which got transmuted to gargadon-has-snackles.
Others aren’t verbal- like immediately going to draw when an opponent plays targeted card draw without explicitly targeting themselves. “The Cedric”.

But now I’ve bared the nerdy depths of my soul- what’ve you got?


2 responses to “Ouchkeep

  1. Lately, whenever I’m mana screwed I hear “Need more mana!” in my head in the same voice that says “Need more minerals!” in Starcraft II.

  2. I often say things like, “That’s Broken” or “That’s Busted”. For things that seem too good. That’s not really FROM Magic, but thats why I started saying it and now I just say it about everything.

    I call decks, “Libraries”, and discard piles, “Graveyards” in every game I play.

    I also use terms like “Tech” and “Mise” frequently…they’re not ‘from’ magic, but I started using them b/c of magic.

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