First Pick Series #14

Deep red, and oh yeah, Wilt-Leaf Liege.


9 responses to “First Pick Series #14

  1. If I knew more about your cube list I’d say Recurring Nightmare, but I gotta go with Rolling Thunder, despite how deep red is in that pack.

  2. Windmill slam Rec Nightmare.

    Chandra Nalaar – there’s a lot of red, but thankfully, a lot is suboptimal and unsplashable.

    Murderous Redcap

    Journey to Nowhere

  3. My list would be the same as Usman for this pack. Nightmare/Chandra/Redcap/Journey

  4. Nightmare
    Rolling Thunder

    oooo Nightmare + Redcap – that’s a tasty meatball!

  5. Recurring Nightmare, Rolling Thunder, Journey to Nowhere, Murderous Redcap.

  6. I’m honestly surprised by the lack of inclusion of Chandra in a lot of these lists. She’s been an amazing first pick for me as she is incredibly powerful in a limited environment such as cube. I personally value her higher than any of the other five original ‘walkers, though I can understand arguments in favor of Garruk for that position. Still, she makes every red deck, aggro/midrange/control and is something I am always excited to draw.

    • I agree- Chandra is a super bomb in limited, and like Sorin, absolutely takes over if you can play her on an empty board. My picks here are

      Recurring Nightmare
      Wilt-Leaf Liege

  7. A bunch of solid cards, and one degenerate one. I say Nightmare.

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