How Many Colors?

I just read a comment from Ben on that said “the mana base is the most important thing in cube drafting because you’re usually 3 colors”. This struck me because I would say that I am basically never in three colors in the cube. Very occasionally, I get an early Rafiq and I’m in a goofy mood, and I go into a deck with an even split. I would say that is something like 1 in 50 drafts. Once, ever, I played 4 colors. The vast majority of the time, I’m in two colors exactly, and maybe one draft in 10 I splash one or two cards.

Some of that is just personal preference, but I attribute it to experience with the format as well. I’ve seen that when a new person starts drafting the cube, they tend to be a little greedier (or maybe they just don’t commit early enough) and play 3 or more colors. So, what do you guys think? How many colors do you intend to play at the beginning of a draft? What is your typical deck like? To be clear, I’m talking about draft, not sealed. If you often play three or more colors, do you think your cube is geared towards that kind of deck? I have a poll below- let me know if a blatantly reasonable answer is missing.


4 responses to “How Many Colors?

  1. In my cube there is alot of fixing available. There are archtypes in the cube that do well with lots of colors. I think that most of the draft decks we play are 3 colors but mono, 2 and multicolor all show up. One of my favorite archtypes in my cube is Legends which can have Up to 5 colors and uses Sisay an dragon arch.

    Also the re-animator strategy can have a bunch of different colors in it but is really almost mono black or blue black.

  2. Out of our usual 3v3 drafts here, we usually get about 2ish monocolor (or splashing a second color) aggro decks, 2ish 2 color decks, and 1-2 decks that fully employ the fixing available in the cube, meaning 3, 4, and occasionally 5 colors.

  3. All depends on the cube. Quality/Quantity of fixing, existence of land destruction, prevalence of aggro. Generally Two is goal because you can have a fairly consistent deck with two even without fixing. Things to keep in mind are trilands and vivids as those really tempt players for 3+ colors. Usually the more colors a deck has the more powerful it is.

  4. XY-splash-z or XY.

    Pretty much agreed with DHWoolf – if there looks to be a ton of fixing and/or weak aggro, I’ll try to force 4/5CC.

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