First Pick Series #13


11 responses to “First Pick Series #13

  1. My pick is Shriekmaw, with Path to Exile being my runner-up. I love creatures that double as spells, especially as removal.

  2. I gotta go with Razormane Masticore on this one. Big, efficient, first strike, recursive removal, and doesn’t force a colour.

  3. agree with Dr. Jeebus and then draft card draw to find and keep hand filled. Good graveyard recursion also goes up in my mind in this case.

  4. Oh man guys, the other day I had the sickest Razormane-Swans combo. I was literally cackling with awesomeness.
    That said, I still take Shriekmaw first here, because I think it’s fairly even with the Masticore, but it’s the only (main-deck) black card, and I really like to draft black in the cube. Path comes in third, and then Strip Mine.

    In general, I like the masticores, but I think it’s important to remember that they actually get more drawback-y in the cube, because the cards you have to discard are better. Of course, there are lots of ways to get around the drawback- Genesis, reanimation, Squee, repeatable card draw- so I still take them early and hope to find one of those pieces later. But lots of things subtly change in value in the cube, and these guys are one of those. Another is Kagemaro/Bane of the Living/any -1/-1 counter effect, because there is more protection from colors, damage prevention, shroud, and indestructibility going around than in normal limited.

  5. #1 Strip Mine not close. It goes in EVERY deck you play, no matter what, every time. Is a Library Answer ™, can cripple a mana base or even end a game before it starts.

    #2 Path to Exile – Removal is nice.

    #3 Shriekmaw – Not as good as Path, but hey.

    #4 Brittle Effigy – The real deal. I was hesitant about this card, but have warmed up to it more and more. Anything that deals with an annoyance large or small and can be played on Turn 1 and keep something off the board for longer than it normally would have is awesome in my book.

    Suddenly I want to make Brittle Effigy my 2nd pick.

    • I have to say that while I like to have a Strip Mine, I sometimes leave it in the board if I’m playing BW or UB and maybe Rx, because those decks can be pretty color intensive in the early game. Maybe that’s just wrong- I’m going to try the always run it method for a while 🙂

  6. I dont play much limited but my pick would be Brittle Effigy. It doesnt commit me to a color and it’s an artifact so I might get lucky with a Trinket Mage or something. My runner-up would be Shriekmaw, Removal is legit and this one has a body attached. It is also splashable.

    Thats my uneducated analysis 🙂

  7. Brittle Effigy is indeed awesome, and people need to get around to recognizing that. It was actually my second pick with Strip Mine third, though Strip Mine’s value may improve if I had bothered to read her whole cube list.

  8. *Looks at the whole cube list* Damnit, no Trinket Mage or Enlightened Tutor!

  9. 1. Shriekmaw (as others have mentioned, this card is awesome and felxible)
    2. Path to Exile (Swords v2.0 is amazing in the cube)
    3. Strip Mine (while I’m not quite as much a fan of it as Evan, it’s still an amazing card that can steal free wins on occasion)
    4. Taiga (probably my favorite land in the cube because it turns on my buddies Wild Nacatl and Kird Ape)

  10. 1. Strip Mine – This is a brutal card. Just absolutely brutal. Plus it helps knowing that you’re going to table a Fulminator Mage
    2. Shriekmaw – or Nekrataal or Bone Shredder, they’re all fine here.
    3. Masticore – I hate drafting card disadvantage before the enabler, but this Masticore can be pretty solid.
    4. Electrolyze – Best color combination in cube and it’s ALWAYS a useful drop. Usually going 2 for 1 and sometimes going 3 for 1.

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