First Pick Series #12


8 responses to “First Pick Series #12

  1. Future Sight
    then Oona

  2. What a strange pack. I’d probably go:

    1) Bonesplitter (Beatz)
    2) Wall of Omens (I like control decks)
    3) …Mindslaver? (Goes in a lot of decks, control, etc)
    4) Emeria Angel (I like this card in Aggro and control)

  3. Saša Miličević

    1. Bonesplitter – don’t like putting myself in a color if there isn’t a bomb
    2. Wall of Omens – good spell
    3. Oona – i get a finisher and don’t commit to a color
    4. Palinchron – just a good finisher but could’ve been Lightning Helix too

  4. 1. Oona, Queen of the Fae
    2. Wall of Omens
    3. Emeria Angel
    4. Lightning Helix

  5. 1. Bonesplitter – doesn’t require a color commitment.
    2. Wall of Omens – good early defense and cantrip
    3. Emeria Angel – can take over a game if not dealt with
    4. Willbender – I have a soft spot for this guy.

    I tend not to take gold/multicolor early unless I have to, or Lightning Helix would make my list.

  6. – Bonesplitter is pretty safe. You’re not committing to a colour, but you are to an archetype. The interesting thing about this pack is that there are a lot of better control cards than aggro cards. Which means you’ll be forcing a lot of players into similar decks while you’ll be able to run rampant with your bonesplitter. *hoping that the helix comes back* (maybe in a 4-player draft?)
    – Future Sight – I hate to be in the colour, with this pack, but I love playing this card.
    – Mindslaver – who knows what you’ll open…
    – Wall of Omens – Great in a variety of control decks. It will make the cut most of the time.

  7. I gotta pick Oona over Bonesplitter. Bonesplitter is strong. Oona ends the game.

  8. 1. Oona – probably one of the most unfair creatures in the cube, and sick with Opposition or Attrition.
    2. Creakwood- one of the best lieges- maybe second best, after Balefire, and also good with Attrition. AND the only green card in the pack.
    3. Bonesplitter- it’s going to make my deck.
    4. Future Sight, especially as I haven’t really gotten to play with it yet.

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