First Pick Series #11

Heeeyyyy Sarkhan.

Actually, this pack was supposed to have Ashling, the Extinguisher in it, but Wizards hasn’t fixed her image yet, so Chain Lightning is subbing (I just took the first card from the next pack).


5 responses to “First Pick Series #11

  1. #1: BBE – I like R/G Aggro
    #2: Duplicant – Good in any control deck
    #3: Figure of Destiny – Better than Chain Lightning in that it goes in W/x and R/x (and is the best Red finisher)
    #4: Chain Lightning (bzzzzzzt)

  2. Duplicant – Leaves you wide open to do whatever you want with your next few picks.
    BBE – Aggro and card advantage…but I hate picking two colours so early. This might not end up making the deck if the signals make it so.
    Beacon of Unrest – It’s just the next best card. Great in cube.
    Troll Ascetic – He’s always welcome to play for my team.

  3. 1. Sarkhan – he’s just so good in limited, and I like BR in the cube… or maybe I just like going turn 3 Blazing Specter, turn 4 Demigod. Off a mox or signet, of course. As an aside, that’s one reason of 99 why I don’t think signets are bad for the cube- creatures decks can use the acceleration into 4 drops just as much as anyone else, and in my cube at least, the 4-drop creatures are the raddest.

    2. Duplicant. I swear, every time I have Iridescent Angel, Justin has Duplicant. I think it’s rigged.

    3. Beacon of Unrest. I love reanimation in the cube, and it ‘s reusable a good fraction of the time.

    4. Figure. Kind of a commitment, but I like RW a lot, and he’s just so good. Early, or whenever. I’m still a little sad that leveling doesn’t work this way.

  4. 1. Bloodbraid Elf
    2. Figure of Destiny
    3. Chain Lightning
    4. Troll Ascetic

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