First Pick Series #10

Let’s do the first 3/4 picks thing, yeah?


5 responses to “First Pick Series #10

  1. 1. Skullsies (Useful in everything)
    2. Erratic Portal (Useful in everything)
    3. Aeon Chronicler (This card is unfair)
    4. Phyrexian Arena (I like B/x control)

  2. 1. Clamp-age (i ❤ card advantage)
    2.Arena (… I ❤ CARD ADVANTAGE)
    3.Eyeblight (I </3 your creatures)
    4.Selkie ( i like it better than Chronicler)

  3. Clamp (goes in anything)
    Arena (goes in anything with B)
    Guide (may ride the pine, but it’s good enough to gamble upon)
    Scroll Rack (may also ride the pine if I’m too aggro for it)

  4. Saša Miličević

    1. Clamp
    2. Arena
    3. Scroll Rack
    4. Karmic Guide

  5. Clamp (Slams it down with authority)
    Karmic Guide (Great card that has combos in many different colours)
    Portal (You don’t have to choose a colour and it combos with a lot of other broken, cube first picks)

    The last pick is a little weak here…I guess arena, but I’m not happy about it.

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