First Pick Series #9


8 responses to “First Pick Series #9

  1. Sword of Fire and Ice is the pretty easy pick here…

  2. griffenvalentine

    Sword for sure, but if sword wasn’t there I would go with Teferi.

    Teferi is a pretty unfair and game breaking card, and you can cement yourself in blue pretty hard from the first pack.

  3. 1. Sword – duuuuuh
    2. 8.5 Tails – 2/2 for 2 with ‘not so expensive’ tech?.. yes please.
    3.Magma Jet – Scry + DD is too wicked.

  4. I’d take the Sword over anything. Oblivion Stone and then Magma Jet would be my next preferred choices.

  5. 1. Sword, of course.
    2. Teferi- this is the time to take him, and he’s so insane.
    3. Oona’s Prowler. I know that seems weird, but some of my sickest cube decks have revolved around this card and you don’t *need* to find the reanimation to make it good- it’s still like flying black Blade of the Sixth Pride, unlike Entomb.
    4. O-stone.

    Man, that still leaves Vigor and Magma Jet. A deceptively strong pack, I think.

  6. SoFI, Chain Lightning, Crater Hellion

  7. Saša Miličević

    1. SoFI all night long
    2. Magma Jet – best red burn spell
    3. Oona’s Prowler – can go aggro or reanimator
    4. Oblivion Stone – like this board wipe cause it catches planeswalkers

  8. Sword (obv)
    Teferi (bomb, worth building around him)
    Chain Lightning (this is tough b/c there is so much red in the pack, but you can easily splash this card)
    Ruinblaster (if you can pull off the land d, it’s the best cube strat. Also, getting rid of library or maze is of the utmost importance…or even just to screw with 5 colour control)

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