First Pick Series #8

Oh Bloodbraid, I’ll miss you.


13 responses to “First Pick Series #8

  1. Man, those first picks are still too easy, but I love going deeper in this one.

    FP: Mox obv.
    2nd: Land Tax
    3rd: Keiga
    4th: BBE

  2. Awesome! I like this plan. My picks diverge at 4th -> Silent Specter. I think it’s just more a of a problem than BBE, who suffers a bit from not always hitting a 3-mana spell.

  3. Whoops, forgot Ajani. I think that makes 4th into Ajani, then. He’s actually one of the most auto-win cards in the cube on the occasions that you accelerate into him on turn 3.

  4. griffenvalentine

    I don’t disagree with any of these picks I guess. Frankly, you can pick 3/4 of this pack first and be happy.

    I think I would personally take Ajani V, because I like him, and he is good in aggro, control, and aggro/control. But I really like the Mox, Land Tax, and there is great stuff like the Riders, the Slime, and FTK.

    This pack is really what the Cube represents to me, these kind of packs; where there are all kinds of goodies, both broken(Mox), and just busted in limited(Spectre, FTK). I know when Thea and I draft, these are the fun packs and choices, more so then opening a Library and correctly assessing that it is in fact, a LIBRARY.

    Go Cube!

  5. Mox and Tax are cool, but i’m partial to creatures in a limited format.
    4. … here it comes… Sword ‘o Vengence

  6. Honestly I wouldn’t pick Mox until 4th probably

    1. Bloodbraid Elf
    2. Flametongue Kavu
    3. Ajani Vengeant
    4. Mox Sapphire
    5. Keiga, the Tide Star
    6. Land Tax
    …This pack is pretty deep on really sweet cards, but I feel the first three cards on my list are head and shoulders above everything else although I can definitely understand the argument for taking a Mox first.

  7. Saša Miličević

    I’d go with Keiga. If I’m really on committing to 2 color then probably BBE but Ajani isn’t far off. FTK is 4th on the list but I don’t usually first pick red cards.

  8. Sasa, I like that comment- I think it’s cool to hear the reasoning behind what colors people want to be in, not just the a priori power level of each card. I feel the same way about green in the cube- aside from CA stuff like Witness, Ohran Viper, and (sort of) Sylvan Library, I don’t like to immediately get into green.

  9. Actually, someone mind explaining why they value BBE so highly? I’m pretty surprised by that one. I agree that it is the sickest in constructed, but as someone who has played a lot of Jund, the reason it is so good is that you can get a good idea of what a given cascade might do for you, and you very often get a three mana spell for free. (As an aside, this is why accusations of Jund’s randomness are pretty unfair- the deck is built to do a thing and versions that stray from that with Explore and the like go away quickly as a result). That’s exactly the opposite of what happens in a highlander format, and in the cube I have hit good (Borderland Ranger, Gaea’s Anthem, Hellspark) and really not good (Mox, X Spells). What has Bloodbraid done for you in the cube? Do you absolutely not pair it with things that make bad cascades?

  10. It’s analagous to Bit Blast – it can totally whiff and hit something terribad (like Bit Blast into Doom Blade when there’s only one creature on the opponent’s side and it’s a X/(4 >=) but most of the time, it doesn’t happen too much.

    It’s similar to when RB decks ran Gargadon and Bob in the same deck – sure, it sucks to hit Gargs off of Bob’s trigger, but it’s overall useful to have bob in the deck (and similarly, while one can hit something like a Mox/X spell/Llanowar off of cascade, it doesn’t happen enough.

    I also find that r/g decks just incidentally cascade into burn spells and while Charing an opponent may not be the best use of Char, it’s still really good to do.

    (BTW, my picks are Mox, Land Tax, FTK and Ajani Vengeant.)

  11. I agree with you here- I was just wondering about the logic behind picking it before all those cards, and about how picky other people are when deciding what “bad cascades” to run.

  12. Hitting something even a little bit better than Flame Slash off of Bloodbraid makes it an even better FTK, which is impressive all in itself. While the card can occasionally be worse than that, I’ve found that more often it’s even better.

  13. Best Mox
    Avalanche Riders – Are you kidding me? This card will just win games. Plus first picking it will give you more than enough time to build accordingly.
    FTK – Kills everything it needs to and then presses for win. The above comment re: BBE over FTK requires too many variables to pull off. Plus BBE is two colours, “blech”.
    Land Tax – Sexy.

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