First Pick Series #7

Get ballsy and say what your second choice would be.


10 responses to “First Pick Series #7

  1. 1st pick: Library obv. 2nd pick: Demonic Tutor.

    Let’s get crazy! 3rd pick: Capsize

  2. I have to say Pulse. I want to say Nezumi Shortfang, but black is too deep in this pack and the Pulse will likely be splashed.

  3. Wish I could add something here but my choices here mirror Mr. Erwin’s. I’d fourth pick the Maelstrom Pulse.

  4. Admittedly my experience with Cube draft is limited, but is Library really that good in limited? I expect cube to be rather fast paced, so it seems to me that it would only be good if played on turn 1, or maybe 2.

  5. If it’s in your opening hand you win about 95% of those games. Played cube for 6 years now? Lost two games where I had first turn Library and it wasn’t immediately destroyed.

  6. I agree with Evan. The win rate with a turn 1 library is insane. It’s absolutely the best card in the cube. It’s like… imagine anything else that could be in this pack. You still just take take Library.

  7. griffenvalentine

    The thing about Library, is that it really IS the best card in the Cube, for one simple reason:

    There is no better turn 1 play.

    No other card does more on turn one, and then continues to do that for the rest of the game. (Vial and Top you can make cases for, but they take time, and sometimes do nothing) You play Library turn one, you WILL draw cards. Lots of cards.

    As for the second pick, I love blue, and I love Capsize. And then its a toss-up between Tutor and Shortfang. The Shortfang is a really powerful early card.

  8. (Library 1st) Demonic Tutor 2nd.

  9. Saša Miličević

    Library is sick and it is the 1st pick no matter what

  10. Ehh, 1. Lib
    3. Capsize
    Pretty straight-forward pack.

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