First Pick Series #6

My namesake makes an appearance!


10 responses to “First Pick Series #6

  1. Saša Miličević

    The Top, altho Titan is tempting but Top is my choice for 1P1P

  2. I’d probably go with Top, but there’s a chance of going with Sower instead.

    I choose…Sensei’s Divining Top

  3. Yeah, I think Top is the pick here, though I might be tempted to take the Titan since I haven’t had the opportunity to play it yet in cube.

  4. Top is definitely the most powerful card, though I find it’s not always a card I find fun to play. I’m going to pick Sun Titan here as I think building around it in cube could lead to some awesome games.

  5. *windmill slam Top*

  6. Im goin with Mirri.. shes a hoooouse, no matter what. Sower could be crappy half the time. Top is awesome, but i like it better in constructed. In most cases id rather topdeck a 3/2 with flying, first strike and haste that gets bigger.

  7. griffenvalentine

    I say Top as well, but I love Kyle’s gumption!

    I love Miri!

  8. Its interesting to note that if this were an 8 man, i might consider take a land first here. I dont think any of these cards are insane enough that I would be sad to take a land.

  9. Hey buddy, this is an 8-man! That’s the thought experiment anyway.

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