First Pick Series #5

A pile of Akromas.


8 responses to “First Pick Series #5

  1. I think it’s either Skullclamp or Reveillark here… probably Skullclamp.

  2. lark all the way

  3. This is one of those packs where anything other than one card is absolutely incorrect. That one card in this instance is Skullclamp.

  4. On terms of shear power, I’d have to take Skullclamp, with Reveillark a close second for me.

  5. Lark – especially ’cause i ran the U/R/W version and gave Fae a run for its … whatever faeries use for currency. Loved that deck

  6. Saša Miličević

    Clamp. 100% clamp

  7. *windmill slams Skullclamp*

  8. Yeah, I feel like there’s Clamp and everything else.

    Without Clamp I would’ve gone Reveillark.

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