First Pick Series #4

All the wall you could want, lots of multicolor, and Corpse Dance. What’s your pick?


6 responses to “First Pick Series #4

  1. griffenvalentine

    I think, it comes down to Kira or Corpse Dance for me. Depending on my mood for the day I could honestly go wither way and be happy. Cementing myself in blue from the first pick, or building around Corpse Dance(or, frankly just putting it in a deck with black cards).
    But, today, I think I would say Kira.

  2. Crumbling Necropolis. I love running all the fixing and all the splashy spells…so a Tri Land is definitely worth a 1st pick to me. Wall of Omens is a close 2nd

  3. Vindicate or Fire Imp for me, but I think overall the BW Sorcery wins.

  4. Vindicate – most powerful card and probably will make the final 40 (even on the splash.)

  5. Saša Miličević

    I’m torn on Vindicate or Fire Imp. I’d probably take Fire Imp since black is so deep in this pack and Fire Imp is the sole red card

  6. I would say Corpse Dance, while vindicate is very good, and the card I would take second for sure, CD is just nuts. The amount of stupid things that can be done with CD is just limitless. I have trouble passing CD if it’s something I could even considering playing.

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