First Pick Series #3

This pack has some strong build-around cards, and scary acceleration. What’s your first pick?


11 responses to “First Pick Series #3

  1. Jace. Always Jace. He’s getting closer to my Top 5 every day.

  2. Agreeing with the Jace pick here. Far and away the best card in the pack.

  3. *windmill slams Jace*

  4. Jace have not had the chance to experience his awesomeness and no other blue cards helps as well.

  5. Saša Miličević


  6. If there was another blue card in this pack, and Sulfuric Vortex was the only red card, I would pick it. I think it’s comparable in power level to Jace – maybe the best red card in the cube- and is a great first pick. As it stands, though, I can’t see not cutting off blue and taking Jace. Everyone agrees!

  7. I was thinking SO hard to try to come up with some groundbreaking pick… but i cant hahaha.


  8. griffenvalentine

    No one likes Monolith here, huh? I think I would choose between Grim, and Jace. I love Jace, but I love colorless fast mana, as a first pick.

    Grim Monolith.

  9. JACE JACE JACE JACE JACE. If not, Survival

  10. Yea, can’t break away from the pack here….Jace is definitely correct.

  11. I’d stare at Survival really really hard, then take Jace. It’s probably closer than people think, though.

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