First Pick Series #2

In this pack, the Wraths are flowing! What would you choose?


10 responses to “First Pick Series #2

  1. I think it’s probably between Day of Judgment and Kokusho. I think I would probably go with the dragon, but I wouldn’t fault anyone for going the other direction.

  2. Yeah, I’m thinking Judgment and Kokusho as well. I wouldn’t fault someone for choosing Vengeance either.

  3. Kokusho, or Pulse..

  4. Saša Miličević

    Kokusho, no contest!

  5. Pretty sure that I’d take the Day of Judgment. I want to pick Kokusho, but I think that black has too many strong cards for me to dive into the color right away.

  6. I have a sickness for Decree of Pain, but I think I would still end up choosing Kokusho. It’s just not reasonable to pass her and expect to be in black. Otherwise, I think Akroma’s Vengeance is the pick over Day of Judgment- it’s just such a unique effect. Pulse is obviously still powerful, but it loses some value in a highlander format, since the only multiples you can hit are tokens.

  7. Pick DoJ and cut white HARD.

  8. Gilded Drake

  9. griffenvalentine

    Yeh, Akroma’s V, or Kokusho. Probably Akroma’s V, just because it’s a ridiculously strong effect in limited.

    Akroma’s Vengeance

  10. Day of Judgment is the easy first pick. If you want to force tri color, Rafiq is still a solid pick.

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