What’s Your First Pick?

I recently wrote a script to generate sample cube packs, as a way to entertain Justin and I on our 11 hour drive down to Sunset Beach. I realized that this would be a fun blog post topic too, so here goes. In an eight-man draft, pack one, what would your pick be?


8 responses to “What’s Your First Pick?

  1. I’d take Faith’s Fetters here. It’s awesome, and black is too deep here for my taste. A nod to the Ninja, who is just so solid.

  2. Pretty sure I’d be dead-set on Chameleon Colossus for this pick. Card bashes really hard.

  3. Demonic Tutor not close?

  4. I was leaning toward Tutor.. a lot of good creatures are gonna come up. Not gonna get a splash-able, low cost tutor for any card come up too often. Fetters also a solid choice.

  5. I did somehow scan over the Tutor, which is definitely the “correct” pick for this pack. Not sure I could hold myself from picking up the Colossus though, as that card and me have some history.

  6. Saša Miličević

    Demonic Tutor with nothing else coming even close

  7. Demonic Tutor takes my vote here as it’s easily splash-able and us so powerful. If I was trying to avoid black due to how deep it is then I’d take Faith’s Fetters or the Noble Hierarch.

  8. Demonic tutor of Noble Hierarch. Tutor for me.

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