Sun Titan

Another quick update- Sun Titan is going into the cube for Adarkar Valkyrie. I love her, but she’s definitely the weakest 6-drop in white, and Sun Titan just seems amazing. Do you have Sun Titan in your cubes? Has it been good? Have you compared the number of targets for it vs. Reveillark?

Also, Juggernaut is going back in for Ulamog’s Crusher. No big surprises there- he just doesn’t quite match up in the cube, and in Reanimation decks you often have scarier (read: Kokushoier) targets.


4 responses to “Sun Titan

  1. Sun Titan is indeed amazing and does scary things in control decks 🙂

  2. Saša Miličević

    Sun Titan iz ah-mazing and overwhelms your opponent really fast if he can’t take care of him.

  3. Sun Titan is going in mine when I do my next update. He definitely can do scary things. I completely agree with running Sun Titan in place of Adarkar Valkyrie.

  4. Sun Titan’s very solid (IMO the only 6 drop that compares favorably with Yosei.) I did an analysis in my cube and found that Reveillark had 113 creature targets and Sun Titan had 107 creature targets.

    Of course, this doesn’t count non-creatures like Jace 1.0, fetchlands, O-Rings, etc. but I was quite surprised that the tally for creature targets was that close!

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