Quick Cube Update

Last week I finally put in Elspeth over Ajani. I like that Ajani is a good on defense, but Elspeth is just stronger overall. I also took out Pulse of the Fields, and for now I’m trying Luminarch Ascension. It might not be right for the cube- actually my money’s not really on it- but it is interesting, puts a lot of pressure on, and forces your opponent to make suboptimal plays. If it doesn’t work out, Kor Sanctifiers is the safe choice.

I’m also trying out Inferno Titan for Bogardan Hellkite- I’ll miss the Hellkite, but I don’t want to take out something that costs less, really.

Finally, Usman really talks it up so I’m trying out Future Sight for Gifts Ungiven. Super excited- time to go draft!


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