M11 Cube Update 2

Since I first posted about M11 changes to the cube, only one card was spoiled that is going in for now- Manic Vandals. We’re putting him in for Pulse of the Forge, which I like, but definitely is an underperformer. This made me realize that Pulse of the Fields is still in, despite the fact that is weaker than the Forge and white is stronger in the cube overall. So that’s going to have to go out as well- I’m thinking that either War Priest of Thune comes in (I always really like Cloudchaser Kestrel and I’d rather have the removal than the sac to destroy effect- I know some people disagree on that point). Another option is to bring in Armageddon, which I think would definitely be strong, but I’m not sure we want that effect in. LD is just so so unfun, and white doesn’t need it to be good. Red does.

We also decided to include Brittle Effigy, which I’d previously overlooked, in place of Serrated Arrows. They are both pretty decent removal in any deck, but the Effigy seems better in most cases, despite costing one more mana.

Finally, we made one non-M11 swap- Lodestone Golem in for Juggernaut. I admit, I misjudged this card- I thought that it would primarily help control by slowing aggro decks down. The reality is of course that it helps whichever deck had a good start- it’s good for aggro if they have a fast start, and it’s good for control when the opponent is slow. This guy had a fantastic showing already, and I’m super excited for him to be in.


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