MTGO Amsterdam PTQ

After kind of whining that I didn’t want to PTQ without a plan against NLB, I decided to do it anyway. Here’s the list I ran:

I decided to go with the Ruinblasters main, since I feel like it gives you one more chance for a free win, and is good against planeswalkers even unkicked. Everything else is pretty standard. I went with the dragon over Siege-Gang because I think he’s gotten a little worse with the amount of removal everyone is running. In the board, I went with Forked Bolt over Sparkmage and settled on Slave of Bolas for the mirror. Nothing too crazy there, although there is a huge amount of variety in Jund sideboards these days.

I ended up 6-3 in 32nd at 5 am this morning. Overall, I was pretty happy with my deck. I definitely drew well (and won the die roll I think 7 times). On the other hand, I think I mulliganed quite a bit- definitely more than my opponents. I played:

Round 1: Jund (2-0)

Round 2: Vampires (2-0)
Nothing to see here. My opponent was playing Lacerator and Guul Draz Vampire, and I never saw a Nocturnus.

Round 3: Jund (0-2)
This one was heartbreaking. Three bloodbraids in a row off the top will preeeettty much break the mirror.

Round 4: NLB/Mythic Hybrid (Does this deck have a name? 0-2)
Another pretty painful one. Game 2 (after one mulligan) my first black source was 30 cards in. Whoops.

Round 5: RDW (2-1)
My sideboard is obviously pretty dedicated to this matchup. I think it’s fairly good, and I rarely lose when I win game one.

Round 6: UW Control (2-1)
This matchup played out in a fairly typical way, although I think my opponent didn’t have very good draws. He won when I couldn’t answer a Baneslayer, and I won otherwise.

Round 7: Naya Monument (0-2)
This guy destroyed me with a turn 3 Siege-Gang game one into Monument, and a Monument game 2 while I was stuck on the 4 lands. Oh well.

Round 8: Jund (2-0)
I Bloodbraided and Blightninged more. I think these were my best draws overall.

Round 9: Mythic (2-1)
My sideboard did its job here. I was really happy about this match.

I still think I need a better plan (…. and better draws) against Vengevine decks, but they are not as big a part of the meta as I had thought. I was pretty happy with my sideboard- I brought in every card at least once.

On a side note, does anyone know where replays are stored on your machine? I know it’s locally, but I’m not sure where. I played this PTQ on a different machine than the one that has Camtasia, so I wanted to see if I could copy the replays over and make a video from that.


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