Standard 2-man vs. Next Level Bant

Hmmm. I really feel like I can’t win with Jund vs NLB. Does anyone have any pro tips? Sideboard tech? I feel like even really good draws with lots of Bloodbraids and Bit Blasts don’t get the job done. I’d really appreciate any advice- there’s an online PTQ tomorrow that I’d like to play in…. but at the moment I just don’t feel I can with such a big part of the metagame feeling this unwinnable.


6 responses to “Standard 2-man vs. Next Level Bant

  1. I don’t think the Jund v NLB MU is close to unwinnable…it might not be the most favorable MU but I still think it’s far from unwinnable. I feel as though the plan against NLB is to push damage early and cutting leech was definitely incorrect. The way NLB beat you is typically through Vengevines or multiple Elsepths, Gideons. If they have multiple Vengevines you almost always assuredly lose unless you have early board presence. A buncha early leech attacks almost always forces them to block with Vengevines instead of putting them on the aggressive start. The weakness of NLB comes in slow starts, since a lot of their lands CIBT. Your plan against NLB postboard doesn’t work very effectively, as you’re effectively turning into a deck that can’t maximize control over NLB, since all you’re doing is trying to destroy mana producers with jund charms and forked bolts, whereas cutting cards that make you more proactive. That said, the SB also seems a bit sketch…I think 4 jund charms are, indeed, a couple too many, and that Ruinblasters should probably have been brought in against this opponent. Again, you win most matches against NLB by capitalizing on early tempo drops that have massive life swings, and drawing some cascades to finish them off. Ruinblasters fit pretty well into this plan, especially on the play.
    To be fair, I felt as though your opponent did not SB optimally, and kept in Jaces, Sea Gate Oracles, and whatnot. (And I thought the Linvala was also kinda funny) I guess the guy didn’t punt completely while playing but I’m not sure he SB-ed very well. Good luck at the PTQ if you’re attending!

    • Le, thanks! So you’d bring in Ruinblasters and that’s it? Do you play Necrogenesis or anything like that? Are you cutting the high end stuff, then?

      • I actually don’t rly like Necrogenesis; it’s a little too cute. Here’s the SB I recommend for Jund that me and my friends have been using for a while.

        4 Goblin Ruinblasters
        4 Cunning Sparkmage
        4 Dragon’s Claw
        2 Doom Blade
        1 Broodmate Dragon

        It’s been working very well for them, and they often 3-1 or 4-0 DEs. As for the high end stuff, I’m leaning towards playing 1 or 2 of “finishers” such as SGC or Broodmate. Hope this was helpful 🙂

  2. – G2 you played the Summit over Lavaclaw with no need for 2 mana that turn.
    – Why pulse the oracles? They are just 1/3 creatures that Thrinax blocks all day. If you just pulsed the Ring, you could have had a potential 5/5 Dragon, 3 1/1 tokens and an active Sarkhan. Seems better to me.

    I agree with LL as far as boarding is concerned. Also, Bit Blast is pretty mediocre against NLB, because it doesn’t actually kill anything relevant. Doomblade is just better because it is online much earlier.

    Too bad you had such bad draws in the last two games – it’s like that every time you run so hot in the first one. That game was just insane: turn 2 Leech, turn 3 Thrinax, turn 4 BBE with Bolts and no CIPT lands at all. And from a mulligan to 6 😀

  3. Thanks for the comments! I agree, I definitely made some bad plays. Honestly this matchup has me a bit on tilt. I was keeping in Bit Blasts because Owen Turtenwald talked about them being great in this matchup, but they have felt really slow to me as well.
    So what are you guys taking out in this matchup? Blightnings? I feel like I have a hard time against planeswalkers without them.

    • Our playtesting group decided that you just wait till they run out Vengevine and then use it. If they have another one in hand, it’s still pretty bad, but with two Vengevines you are loosing anyway.

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