Standard 2-man vs. RDW

Here’s a video of a recent 2-man I played with Abyssal Persecutor Jund. After Craig Wescoe wrote about his experience with the deck, I decided to give it a try, but I quickly decided that I wasn’t ready to give up Sarkhan entirely. I ended up cribbing a list from a recent Daily Event, and then changing the sideboard to address the huge (HUGE!) amount of RDW online currently. I’ve really liked the deck so far, and haven’t missed Broodmate or SGC as much as I thought I would. I do really miss Bit Blast though- I think I will try to fit a pair of those in. I have absolutely loved Nest Invader in this deck- I think any version of Jund I ran from now on would include those guys. Turn 3 Bloodbraid is good, and turn 3 Ruinblaster is hellish. Seriously gross.


One response to “Standard 2-man vs. RDW

  1. Why didn’t you discard a fetch in G3? It saves you one life. The same with casting Jund Charm.

    I don’t really know why you played Elf with an empty board and nothing relevant in the other player’s graveyard. Could have easily gone with Nest Invader first and then Elf.

    Leaving in Pulses in this matchup is really bad (even though he had Siege-Gangs), Persecutor is a lot better because he blocks all RDW creatures except Ball Lightning. You could have probably left Persecutors in and sided in Consuming Vapors, that way you wouldn’t have to worry about missing ways to kill them and it would probably gain you some life. Saccing your Thrinax to that is not that bad.

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