Standard Daily 6/25

I recently started playing standard online and thought I would try making some videos to document the experience. This event made me change some things about my deck, but it was also interesting for me because I got to go through the weird experience of completely misidentifying a deck after game one. Unfortunately the video for Round 3 wasn’t saved, which is a bummer because it was long and pretty interesting. I think I could avoid that problem by stopping the video during sideboarding if a game was very long.

Please let me know what you think! Is it better to have multiple shorter videos? Is the quality ok? There’s a few things I know I need to do better- speaking more clearly, not tapping my fingers, ect- but if you have any other suggestions or comments, let me know. Thanks!


4 responses to “Standard Daily 6/25

  1. Separate videos for each round would be useful, I usually do not have time to watch an entire tournament in one setting. I enjoy the videos love and would love to see more constructed ones.

  2. I really like that Justin makes you explain the logic behind your plays. This makes sure that you are confident with what you are doing.

    I think it would be nice if you would go over your deck list at the start of a video or series of videos, just because there are so many different versions of all the decks.

  3. R1G1 – no Doomblade in sideboarding? Kills a fat Knight that’s 4/4 from fetches, kills Baneslayers, etc.

    R2G2 – he has Nighthawk on the table and you attack into it with Leech and still don’t pump after he declines to block. That’s a bad play, because if he had Bolt in hand, he would have blocked with the Nighthawk no problem (since his creature doesn’t die if you don’t pump).

    R2G3 – you pulse the Hippy instead of playing another Thrinax. You could have still killed the Hippy with Terminate and just use the Pulse next turn if needed. It’s not like he was running hasty creatures. That way you would have had 6 power on the board where Bolt does nothing for him. Instead you choose to attack with the Ravine and lost it (not to mention that Blightning that hit later).

    R3G2 – you kept a pretty bad hand but the winning play was EPIC 😀

    • Yeah, I agree with pretty much all of that. If I’m remembering correctly, I didn’t pump the leech there because I wanted to preserve my life total, but I could be misremembering. I agree wholeheartedly about the Thrinax though- I think that’s where I declare that I deserve to lose the game 🙂

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